Edica Pacha is most well known for her clothing line, Pacha Play. But in her spare time (which I am sure isn’t much), she experiments with in camera double exposure photography.

Edica Pacha | Astraya 11

In camera multiple exposure photography allows for unique serendipity – or, in Edica’s words:

“All the images shared on this site, are created in camera, with multiple exposure settings. This means, that i shoot one picture, and on the same image, another image is shot. I dont know how it will come out, as this is the play on the unknown. And yet, this unknown continues to reveal the hidden layers, of what i call the ‘in-between worlds’.”

Edica Pacha | Astraya 9 Edica Pacha | Astraya 16

This images have a way of bringing out the sublime in her subjects, like she is drawing forth some clandestine essence that has long been dormant but is aching to burst forth. Edica Pacha | Astraya 12 Edica Pacha | Astraya 6

This is the beauty of the “Atlas Altar: the space between worlds. Creation woven through Ancestry; through the ancient tales of spirit and source. We come together to explore the feminine divine, to investigate what we are made of, and tap the beauty of the unseen worlds. This is our story of magik, wisdom, and the power that we come from. Miracles, memories, moments channeled through creation.”

Edica Pacha | Astraya 5 Edica Pacha | Astraya 10The model for this shoot is Astraya Luna, who makes handmade creations from bones, leather and paint, including many of the items in these photos. Check out Dreamaya, her Etsy store.

And for more of Edica’s photos, visit www.edicapacha.com.