Lucidity is undoubtedly one of the more progressive festival events in the US. With a high standard of sustainability, a unique ownership model and their production style modeled on a web of villages, Lucidity continues to push the boundaries of what a conscious large-scale gathering looks like. This year, they’re poised to present the first-of-its-kind, interactive experience called Lucidity Mythos, a transmedia adventure designed to “bring Lucidity’s Six Year Story, an epic and archetypal saga of personal and collective transformation, more fully into the mind, heart, and soul of YOU, Lucid Dreamer.”

This multi-platform project consists of an animated video created by ex-Disney artist Dave Zabowski; an all-star 55-card oracle deck featuring visionary art by many of our favorite artists (including Android Jones, Amanda Sage, Cameron Gray, Mark HensonChris DyerMichael DivineKrystleyez, and many more); and Mythos Wanders, an on-site game that uses the deck – part scavenger hunt, part synchronicity experiment.

The game, Lucidity explains, immerses players in the festival environment in an entirely new way.  No longer just a festival but an entire new mythic universe inviting guests to animate their hero’s journeys, this represents a bold step into undiscovered territory.  For veterans of the festival, it offers a way to engage its story even deeper than before; for newcomers, it’s yet another thing about Lucidity that sets this festival apart and guarantees a novel, fun experience. Make sure to order your deck now, though, since only 222 were printed.

Not only are these cards a part of a unique experience at Lucidity, they also hold a powerful divinatory quality usable outside of the Lucidity gates.  The symbology expressed through the visionary art paired with the wisdom of each statement forms a solid daily oracle deck. Not to mention you get to experience so many amazing artists at such a reasonable price.

Enjoy this high-res preview of some of our favorite cards:

Bringing the all-that-is of the Animal Kingdom and the medicine they carry for us on our journey.
The Divine essence of Unconditional Love expressed through the feminine aspects of grace, beauty, gentleness, strength, and aligned power.
We are awake when we can feel our vibrational frequency of Love, Joy, Peace, and Harmony.
You are being asked to be honest with your SELF in all its infinite forms, without judgement so that you may choose to live from your highest and best.

Service. Support. Guidance.
The liminal zone between wakefulness and dream.
Vision. Listening.
A Guardian with the largest brain, that makes its sacred journey swimming through galaxies and carrying the Akashic Library of all-that-is.

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