Aurava Satva arts is managed and owned by a self taught artist ‘Jositta Francis’ from Bangalore India,
intending to promote ultimate beauty- personified, unexplained emotions- captured further depicted at one point- mastered also contains soulful ,Intriguing surrealistic subject matter,fractal patterns, in depth details, geometric designs, historic symbols, nature,zen tangle.Each piece of work by Aurava satva is unique, with very minimal or no use of tools, all works are hand made (hand drawn) on canvas,wood, hand made paper, marble paper, fabric, clay and many more. mediums used : fade proof and water proof inks, whitener with quill, graphite, charcoal,poster colors, oil paint, water colors etc
Aurava is a sanskrit word defining DIMENSION. Satva is number 7.
why 7?
7 seas, 7 chakras in every human, 7 continents, 7 sins, 7 circles in hell, 7 cycles, 7 sages of Greece, 7 hills of Rome 7 emperors (Caesar, Augustus, Galba, Hadrian, Nerva, Sallust, Vespasian) 7 Rishis of India:)

jositta francis (AURAVA SATVA ARTS)’s Gallery