Avatar ScarfFor many years, Xavi Panneton has remained a source of great inspiration for the Solpurpose team. From his magnificent murals, innovative clothing designs, and unique approach to canvas, his vibrant style never ceases to amaze. Back in May of 2012, we had the honor of sitting down with Xavi to explore his artistic approach and visionary process in great detail. You can check out that artist feature in its full majesty here. Yet as the push for sustainability continues to emerge as a central impetus for artists the world over, the dawn of a new era of the Xavular lightship has come: Visionary Fashion.

Xavi Mural - San Francisco

Xavi StyleIn years past, a piece of Xavi’s fabled air-brushed clothing was a rare artifact whose potent symbolism and vibrant color was said to practically pulse with the aura of the wearer. At long last, his beautiful designs are available to one and all through the production of a new clothing line sporting rich durable fabric, vivid coloration, and a multipurpose appeal.  Produced in the San Francisco Bay Area in collaboration with Jammin’ On, Inc, the line offers a broad range of style from edgy psychedelic to mystic chic.

From city walls, to stretch canvas, to leggings & scarves, one thing is for certain: Xavi’s work is truly one of a kind and full of positivity and light. We are honored to share this beautiful new clothing line with the world and wish him all the best on his new fashion odyssey.

Check out some of our favorite samples of the new gear below and explore creative musings from the Xavi.

“Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s as a skateboarder in the Washington, D.C. metro area, I  was exposed to graffiti art at a young age. I quickly became obsessed with this almost alien force of art. The dopeness of graffiti was an intoxicating feeling beyond anything for which I had words…”

“Growing up as a male in America, my fashion options were very limited and I had a hard time finding clothes that felt right. I knew there had to be something better, but I didn’t know where it was or even what I was looking for.  I just had a sense that something was missing and I had to find it.  I started airbrushing graffiti t-shirts, jeans, backpacks and whatever anyone wanted me to paint…”

Waveform Scarf Collection

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 12.19.46 AM

 “When I was 21, my mom taught me how to sew and from that day on, I began taking clothes apart and remixing them into new outfits. A new passion ignited. I found my style and began making all my own clothes. I started making stencils and spray painting my designs onto clothing…”

“Soon all my friends at festivals wanted me to stencil their clothes and the signature XAVI style emerged. My stenciled clothing quickly evolved into elaborate costume-like outfits and I began taking commissions. I loved seeing peoples’ joy in putting on their new look – it was as if they transformed into a super hero…”

“Ever since then, I have worked full time making art and building a career…one creation at a time. Since the 90’s, the rave scene and West Coast festival culture have given me a space to share and grow culture and community. Everyday I feel humbled that I am able to participate in making art with the intention of bringing light and making the world a sweeter place.”

“That creative excitement, and the pleasure of helping others express more of themselves is what inspired me to create the XAVI line. Although I’ve spent the last ten years making murals and installations, creating a clothing line as the personal embodiment of street art has always been my dream…”

Gold Galactic Pin

Gold Galactic Pin

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Xavi is an internationally recognized mural Artist and Designer most widely known for his contributions to the global visionary art and festival culture.  After ten years in San Francisco CA, Xavi recently relocated to beautiful Ashland, Oregon as a sustainable base of operations for Xavi Designs Studios.