Paulie Mann (galactic seed) ,is at the forefront of the visionary art movement. His work is renowned through out the Australian Gallery and festival scene. His work goes deep into the subconscious symbolism of the entheogenic genre that relate to the human experience on a highly spiritual level. His Art is profound on many levels he is strongly influenced by nature and try s to keep his vision pure.His last Exhibition was with Anderson Debernati and Amanda sage at Harmonic Spaces he was promoted as the local upcoming artist. He has displayed his art internationally at burning Man and has shared gallery space with Alex Grey ,Chris dyer and Andrew Jones with Tribe 13,eclispe 2012 and many other events .
He continues to share his Art globally through social media ,Digital radio shows and collaborations with international artists and clothing company’s , commissions for private collectors .
Galactic Seed s momentum continues to grow , you can find more info at

Paulie Mann’s Gallery