Ricky Schaede | "Vehicle of the Starborn Prince"

Vehicle of the Starborn Prince

Heaven drip from our hearts.
As liquid light in the cores of stars
We are forged like rings from molten metal.
Dusts of light and rays of solace,
The universe
our temple eternal,
It drips with liquid light,
And we form puddles on the temple floor where light does swim.

Trust in the cathedral of glorious luminance.
You are held like a babe in the arms of God,
your soul so blindingly brilliant and beautiful
that no such platitudes could describe.
Twixt the beaks of great blue herons,
And in their claws the key to your salvation.
It is held in trust,
and in silent gratitude,
and in reverence of the cathedral.
So grand and yet so small, in the palm of your hand it does rest
to be coloured by your breath.
So breath deep and fully and shed tears as twinkling bells,
Ushered by the cosmic song that sweeps like wind all around you.
Feel it on your face, your skin, in your heart.
You are held in trust and silent gratitude by our temple eternal,
where liquid light drips and forms puddles where light does swim.

I have seen you through the veil, where only the shape of your heart
and how it lets light through prevails.
You are stardust and crystalline fragments of eternity.
Some force has thrust you together,
and you are held in trust,
and silent gratitude.

Weep for such beautiful revelations,
Shed tears like twinkling bells and marry your heart
To the liquid light of eternal splendour.
All you must do is trust.
Love one another.
Let light shine through,
And you will find the light of heaven
Inside of you.