Bryan is a Melbourne based Artist, Graffiti writer, Animator, VJ and Musician. An autodidact by nature, he is proficient in a wide range of media including Oils, Acrylic, Aerosol, Digital Art / Animation and Music production and is just as likely to be found painting large scale murals on the streets of Melbourne as he is to be found designing stages or performing live visuals for huge festivals around Australia.
Heavily influenced by Vibration in its myriad forms, Sacred Geometry, Synchronicity, Nature, Duality, Mimetic transferal, Spirituality & Unity, his work assumes many different guises ( As a solo visionary artist or as a member of AWOL crew, Record Keepers decor collective or recording under Dark Organics) but a common thread of stillness and balance amongst chaos is retained no matter the delivery method or project modality.

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