Emma’s intention is to create images that act as keys in meditation, opening portals in the psyche, contributing to the global consciousness movement.She meditates deeply on mythic archetypes,listening to spirit for guidance.Born in Devon,U.K on Beltane 1973,after leaving Art college,Emma traveled the world extensively for many years exploring the spirituality of different cultures.She has a background history in Druidry,spent time on a Buddhist path,&is currently immersed in Esoteric study of the Mystical Kabbalah.Psychedelic spirituality takes her into the celestial realms, Ayahuasca being a core ally. Born with the challenge of a physical disability, she is especially interested in the use of psychedelics as a healing tool. She has spent time assisting Ernst Fuchs in Vienna, managed the Art gallery for Elixir of Life, London, and has exhibited at many events all over the planet including BOOM, Burningman U.S,Glastonbury U.K,Rainbow Serpent OZ & Fantastic museum & Gallerie 10 Vienna.

Emma Watkinson’s Gallery