These days, many festivals are catching on to the idea of alternative programming, offering educational workshops and live painting demonstrations along with other interactive elements. Last year even saw the first-of-its-kind permaculture action tour, led by The Polish Ambassador, which brought festival participants to various locations the day prior to his shows to assist a local farm or business to build gardens and assist in other land based projects.

This year, Symbiosis Gathering is taking this concept to the next level by offering Elemental Alchemy:  three different five-day immersive focused on visionary art, permaculture, and yoga happening prior to the event.

Symbiosis directors describe this series as “an immersive educational program offering community members a chance to fully embrace the ethos of the event and the creative passions it inspires.”

We look forward to the Visionary Arts Immersive hosted by some of our favorites; Android Jones, Chris Dyer, Xavi Panneton, Carey Thompson, Shrine, Kris Davidson, Simone Star, and Philip Milic.


“Whether you are an artist, a lover of art, or you feel called to the visionary art movement; this is an opportunity to access the source of experience and wisdom from the architects and shapers of inter-dimensional art.”


Not only will you get to learn techniques from some of the greats, you will also have an opportunity to conceive, create, and display original creative works with Symbiosis Festival’s featured artists.

Space is limited, so make sure to sign up for this amazing visionary art immersive soon!

Symbiosis Visionary Art Immersive