Storytellers unfold stories of the past, stories of archetypes and tales that uncover through simplicity the depth of human truths, as they have always existed. The stories of visionary art are collected visualizations of a future, the stories untold, the brighter existence we hold close in our hearts. The colors and brush strokes bring hope, through visualization, to the sometimes dark state of our current environment. In light of Global Peace Weekend this weekend, September 19-21, this collection of images depicts the stories of a peaceful future for our world.

You can reach farther into the visualization practice of peace by joining the non-profit organization Unify in their Global Peace Meditation, a synchronized meditation. Thousands of organizations and communities are hosting gatherings, musical celebrations, collective prayers and meditations around the world. On Saturday September 19th, 2015, there will be a Global Synchronized Inner-Peace Broadcast at 12:00 Midnight GMT / 5:00 pm PST 5. Also on Saturday watch the Film “Inner Peace to World Peace” online from Sat. Sept. 19 4pm PST. This will be followed by a wave of live events at noon Sunday September 20th, 2015, in your time zone. You can find where local events are happening near you on

Visionary artists open the portals of visualization for us to be able to see the potential of the human spirit. Dive into the dimensions of what could be.

Desdemona Dallas has been uncovering underground social movements for the past decade. In college Dallas dove into the New York City warehouse rave scene, which eventually turned to a love for festival culture, and has lead her down a path of alternative and sustainable living. Interning for Greenpeace when she was 20 Dallas got her start as a community organizer. Her love for the environment has stayed strong throughout her life. Dallas recently started a vegan café in El Salvador, which helped support the growth of organic agriculture and local businesses. After taking an Eco-Village Design course in Nicaragua, at the spiritual community Inanitah, Dallas has fused her ideas of ecological sustainability into her life. One of her greatest passions is telling the stories of others; people, projects and passionate inspirations to share with others the extent of what is possible.