Aurélien’s fine art is making the invisible visible in exquisite form. By elegantly blending colours, sacred geometry and fractals; Aurélien’s artwork allows us to see the unseen and feel the deeper levels of our true selves.
Aurélien started his career in Paris as a Graphic Designer in the corporate world. However, he soon realized this was not his true passion as his inner voice was guiding him towards expressing his Spirituality via his digital skills in a different way, beginning with Mandalas.
Also going by his VJ and artist name Pumayana; Aurélien has travelled the world for ten years creating new artworks, exhibiting, and perfoming Live Visual Journeys with many talented musicians and producers.
Due to the diversity of themes, his artwork has been divided into YIN and YANG.
www.luminaya.com shows works of the YIN aspect; of uplifting vibrations with Healing Art.
www.pumayana.com showcases the YANG aspect of his artworks, which are shamanic and psychedelic.

Aurelien Pumayana Floret’s Gallery