Krisztina-Lazar-DevaKrisztina Lazer | “Deva”

We are all connected. When any species becomes endangered, human beings are endangered. We share the same air, the same water and the same resources on our little cosmic marble spinning through space. As a member of our planetary organism, we’ve been selfish with our evolution, taking far more than we’ve ever known to give back. We are in a chronic state on our planet with the potential of a mass extinction looming large on our horizon. But there is hope. As we evolve more and more consciously, as our growth turns from one of industrialization to one of awareness, opening and transcendence, we become better equipped to see what has been going on. We begin to understand that we are not separate, but are like a hand, each fingertip connected to fingers connected to something larger than itself. Beyond our very cellular structure, the sacred geometry that binds us all together is made of stardust. The world around us is not on the outside, but rather we are inside a living, breathing macrocosm we call Earth.