Hello my name is Aaron Wintrich and I am the founder of Art For A Dream which is an association of artists who do charitable work with their art. I advocate and fundraise for stem cell research. I am a developmental therapist for autistic/down syndrome children where I work with them on their artistic and life skills. I am currently corresponding with the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Pete FL working on seminars for underprivileged children and orphans. I advocate and fundraise for stem cell research because I believe one day we will no longer need developmental therapy, medicine, or disability. My artwork is a conceptual historiography of art history (see artist statement). The viewer can see the elements of the masters in my artwork and can use my artwork as a source of reference to these elements. This is how I teach the children because it educates them on how to paint and also the history behind the different art styles.

Aaron Wintrich’s Gallery