“Art for me is the process of discovering a visual language through which I may express all those words, for which, we have not made words for; it represents an opportunity to tell a fable with an image, or allow a poem to paint itself into existence; most importantly I use art as a channel to communicate a message of community, sacredness, and love.”
Daniel J Zuluaga, born June 16, 1995, during his childhood, the creation of art caused a boundless, electric, loving feeling to flow through his being. Drawing at first for him, was a way to tell stories. In early 2013, Daniel began to have dreams that delivered messages encoded as visual fables. The dreams were always about a deeper nature of reality. Daniel began using art as a mirror into the subconscious, to usher forth messages, letters, fables of oneself through symbolic imagery; Since then, he began painting late 2013, using philosophy, physics, mystery, and music as inspiration.

D.J. Zuluaga’s Gallery