I’ve been creating art in many ways since my childhood. Back then my art was very detailed and colorful, for example at the age of 2 i drew stickman figures with teeth, toes, fingers, hair and facial expressions. In childhood my art was known for colorful patterns and a realistic approach. My favourite topics were animals and nature. In my teenage years my art changed, it became darker and more surreal, more conceptual. Plus i learned to see mistakes as new ways to expand a work. Before that i felt as if i ruined a work. So it felt like my art had been set free. Since then i’ve been experimenting and letting my energy flow into my work. I’ve realised that my art is like meditating, i connect to source, to lifeforms and together we create. My art is like framed energy, contained so it can be transferred to other beings. Now i feel im ready to share these energies of creation and i hope i can do so accompanied by the many talented artists connected to Solpurpose.

Deborah Coenraad’s Gallery