eNdo, is short for my full name (E)ric Gali(ndo); I am a multimedia artist based in the beautiful foothills of Denver, Colorado. I use various software applications to explore chaos and generative design while searching for patterns and entities that reveal themselves along the way. I simply see them when they appear and fuse them with my own creative digital input. I typically never start with an idea or concept in mind. I create a few digital brush strokes and use an endless array of effects, algorithms, and nested compositions to solidify these images from computational chaos. I also focus on fusing digital designs with photography, illuminating energy fields and invisible landscapes that are beyond the minds eye in an attempt to bring visions and dreams from the aether forth into reality for others to draw inspiration from. I also perform as a VJ, projecting high energy home-grown video art over dance floors across North America.

Eric Galindo (eNdo)’s Gallery