My paintings are the answers I received to the questions I have asked in my own search for truth. They not only provide decoration for a room, but also a focus for meditation, and perhaps most importantly, a key to open doors of perception and contemplation. It is my desire to make these visionary keys available to as many people as I possibly can. My art has been an integral part of my own search, and I know they will facilitate the same expansion in you who seek answers beyond the conditioned stories, in this cradle of duality that holds us all. It takes me many hours to complete a painting as I paint with a 000 brush and sit very still. The lines are so fine that I dare not breathe… Even a breath would disturb the line. In this way the painting process is not unlike meditation or yoga. I listen so acutely that “I” disappear and only the space between the brush’s tip and canvas exists. In that silent, listening space, between the tip of my brush and canvas, I am entirely home.

Gretha Quinlan’s Gallery