Lesley Burke is a Portland, OR based painter and mixed-media artist. She was raised in the vibrant and creative city of New Orleans, LA, and relocated to Portland in 2005 to pursue a graduate degree in Art Therapy. Lesley’s artwork is influenced by her work as a therapist, as well as by her own interests in dreams, altered states of consciousness, symbolism, nature, earth-based spirituality and mysticism.

For me, art is a healing and validating form of self-expression. It is easier to express myself visually than using verbal language. Visual expression allows for communication in a way that can be impossible with words, and I believe there are many people that experience it this way. The primary method of exchanging ideas in our society is through rational-linear spoken and written language. Art can transcend this and give people who may not have proficiency in the mainstream way of communication a platform to express themselves and connect with others.

Lesley Burke’s Gallery