French digital artist Aquasixio uses a special touch to the pieces that he paints. Full of emotion, Cyril Rolando‘s artistic endeavors tell stories with a flash of the stylus. This series explores the signs of the zodiac through the expressive movement of graceful dancers.

We asked astrologer, Adam Sommer, to offer some insightful anecdotes to these eloquent compositions.

Coming out of the infinite potential of the watery seed, is the fiery and wild haired burst of birth incarnate.

"Aries" by Aquasixio
“Aries” by Aquasixio

When one has their values solidified and their needs met, nothing on Earth can ever contend.  Every movement is a dominos in effect.

"Taurus" by Aquasixio
“Taurus” by Aquasixio

Whether twin, ally, friend or true foe, everyone has a message to give.  In the mirrors of all reflections, there is something to learn; We only need to communicate about it.

"Gemini" by Aquasixio
“Gemini” by Aquasixio

Hands pointed home, legs sturdy in parallel response of all that is needed, it is a constant battle to know when to stay “home” or when to “go out.”

"Cancer" by Aquasixio
“Cancer” by Aquasixio

There is nothing to fear when the Lion awakes.  A radiant confidence emerges when it is realized that we are everything that we ever feared.  We become totally fearless in our play.

"Leo" by Aquasixio
“Leo” by Aquasixio

Beyond the harvest is the infinite joy of service.  To whistle while we work, to dance while we shop. and to smile while in the hardest of labors—this is the path of the playful Bodhisattva.

"Virgo" by Aquasixio
“Virgo” by Aquasixio

Amongst all balloons, there is always the intention of the value of aesthetic appeal.  Whether before or after the party, to be surrounded by flexible beauty will always give abundance time and time again.

"Libra" by Aquasixio
“Libra” by Aquasixio

The crows see it.  So do the trees.  The sexiness of revealing all the layers, all your positions, is one of the most potent and transformative gestures you could possibly offer.

"Scorpio" (WIP) by Aquasixio
“Scorpio” (WIP) by Aquasixio

The spell of wonder turns into the realization of ancient gypsy wisdom.  The sensational power of directing the Soul’s passion and becoming our own, personalized North Star is yet another close encounter with destinies hum and purr.

"Sagittarius" by Aquasixio
“Sagittarius” by Aquasixio

With the capacity to part both sea and mountain, this is no unhealthy surge into the ego’s structure.  All ambitions and masterful talent is pointed to parting the waters for you and you and you!

“Capricorn” by Aquasixio

If nourishment is needed, might as well do it with style and grace.  Dancing the way into every mouth and into every Collective prayer, the medicine lives on in all of the waters.

"Aquarius" by Aquasixio
“Aquarius” by Aquasixio

In an ecstatic wave within all bodies, the entire cosmos follows.  Aquatic, terrestrial, aviary; all living beings respond to the perfect surrender of someone who has let go completely.  Life becomes pure movement, and the purest movements are essential life.

"Pisces" by Aquasixio
“Pisces” by Aquasixio

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These brief commentaries on Cyril Rolando’s Art are playful offerings by astrologer, Adam Sommer.