“My name is Agnieszka Szałabska. I have graduated Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in 1996 where I had perfecting my in born artistic skills of putting beauty into form.

Later, for a few years I have worked as a designer. My consciousness has been slowly waking up by the feeling that something in my life is not quite right and I knew that I cannot live the way I have lived any more.
A deep longing for freedom has brought me to a ceremony of a shamanic medicine called Ayahuasca. The experience had revealed to me that I am something bigger than the person I have assumed I am only. I have discovered that I am an eternal, limitless, vibrating with peace and ecstasy- Love. This realization unveiled the alive and authentic desire for sharing my discovery with others through the form of painting. I have started to create a bright, colourful, vibrant with energy- visionary paintings.

My heart’s desire was to experience myself and the world as Love in everyday life. Guided by trust to life- I have found myself on a meetings where in the stillness of silence I have discovering with other people a deeper reality of our existence. That period and chapter of my life have resulted in a series of paintings called “Paintings of Silence” and a six months visit in India.

Nowadays I am learning how to integrate an awakened consciousness with the beauty of everyday living and how to express my innermost truth through the love in my art, my life and in interactions with other beings.”

Agnieszka Szałabska’s Gallery