Seth McMahon, Jonathon Solter, Gabriel Welch, E Howard, Luke Brown | "Eleutheria Allegoria Holographicticious"“Eleutheria Allegoria Holographicticious”
Seth McMahon | Jonathon Solter | Gabriel Welch | E Howard | Luke Brown

“Finally Finished!! Its been an epic journey w/ Jonathan Solter, Gabriel Welch and E Howard. Big ups to the master Luke Brown for throwing down some love on it as well. This painting would’ve also never happened without Matthew of Phaneros Arts facilitating it. Something special happened on this one. We all believed in it so strongly and knew that it would be great. It became collectively more work than any of us had ever put into one canvas in the past. Matthew came up with the name:

Freedom through the fulfillment of one’s love as an end of a story or trip, advancing to a higher state of being with the ability to project a separate hypothetical reality which when interpreted may reveal a hidden meaning.”

~Seth McMahon