Anna Joanna Zborowska – Visionary Artist & Poster Designer. Born in Warsaw, Poland in 1975, neighbor of Beksinski, whose paintings influenced her to start painting in late 80s. She’s lived between many places around the world: New York, Warsaw, London & Manama. Anna is known best as Poster Designer, her posters were often exhibited on Polish Poster Biennials. Last few years Anna has painted her visionary insights found in surrounding us vibrational world of colors, forms & emotions. Her art is inspired by nature & transcendental states of mind. Looking at her paintings we can discover infinite spaces in which she moves freely by changing volatile things into final shapes. Connecting meditation and art she shares her knowledge and experience with others also in art therapeutic work. “Art for me is an expression of feelings, emotions, states of mind & visions. Vibrations are creative force. My intention is to reflect the Truth seen thru illusions.”

Anna Joanna Zborowska’s Gallery