Editor’s Note: There’s simply no escaping the historical and continued impact of drug use on creativity – just look at recent CNN coverage of Silicon Valley’s open encouragement of psychedelics as a problem-solving tool. “Drugs” aren’t one category, though; each chemical has different effects on health and consciousness and needs to be evaluated independently. We cannot advocate the use of any substance for everyone, regardless of its legal status. But we also cannot responsibly repress the fact that psychedelics in particular have been a part of art since we have lived in caves.


Myself alongside an entire global culture of party people, hippies, researchers, and tech CEOs have been impacted by the psychedelic experience. Most of these experiences (trips) are done recreationally and end up becoming introverted sessions of self improvement. During these trips, we find love for ourselves, value in our passions and an appreciation for the chaos of the universe. We often find ourselves asking, “How can we make the world a better place? What does the world need? What have I truly done to make an impact? How do I apply what I have learned from my psychedelic journeys towards helping the world heal? Will my generation be remembered as being a philosophical stepping stone towards utopia? Or will we be remembered as a bunch of freelance junkies desperate to sell our art at festivals?” b5b6b7


These are all questions I have concerned myself with for years. And much like these questions, I had wanted to create a series of “drug influenced” art. So with my heart seeking answers on how to apply my psychedelic learning towards helping the world, I embarked on a “20 Day Binge”. Though the 20 Day Binge/project is a project I create every January in which I create a painting from scratch every day for 20 consecutive days, this year I decided to take a different substance for each day to reflect upon my status as an artist and human being.



After 20 Days of different psychonautics, I had compromised my sanity, my finances, and my reputation, though I found the answers to my questions. I have found that my use of psychedelics over the years has changed my core being. I am perpetually in awe at the beauty which surrounds us, so uncontrollable yet based on our decisions to experience. Psychedelics have helped me place my self into another’s perspective. I am far more empathetic.


I realize that the true point of Justice is not punishment, but to ultimately accept the decisions which lead us to this point, forgiving and moving on towards the next chapter in which we redefine ourselves. Psychedelics have equipped me with the courage to take chances, to follow my heart, to willingly sacrifice my energy for the benefit of others, to wear my heart on my sleeve, to show the world I am not afraid to stand-up for what I believe in. I am not afraid to love unconditionally, difficult is not the same as Bad. I understand that every action is a reaction, we all bounce off of each other. We are better off supporting and sharing over trying to scheme about our perceived competition. Above all else, I have found my definition for Love, a driving force which is such a difficult emotion to consistently define. For me, love is not limited to sex and romance. Love is dedication to uplifting a person or idea to help them achieve their highest potential.


And in a moment of clarity, I realize all I have learned from my trips has been implanted in my mind as a core philosophy, a way of life. Appreciation, forgiveness, courage, honesty, love. These are all traits which myself and the psychedelic renaissance has acquired and continue to project wherever they go. These are all traits the world desperately needs and this way of life we so joyfully project is our contribution to humanity. Much like David Bowie and the creatives before us, our psychedelic movement supports the truest meaning of love to the world. I am confident our contribution will greatly help the next generation live honestly, fearlessly, empathetically, and to stay in love.

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