I am a 37 year old artist from Zagreb, Croatia, EU. Few years ago I reached the point in my life where change was imminent. I was working as graphic designer for about 14 years and I just couldn’t find any joy in it anymore. I felt like an overworked wheel doing stuff I couldn’t connect with which left me feeling drained. I knew I had to change what I do in a way that would be more fulfilling and with personal meaning attached. I took some time off trying to figure out what to do next. Somewhere around beginning of 2015. started doing this digital collages which had aestethics of old engravings. I use same knowledge and techniques that I learned as a designer. The only difference is that I don’t feel like I’m forcefully in charge but rather I let the process carry me to wherever it wants to go. That immidiately felt so liberating and rewarding by itself.

Vast (Kresimir Cuk)’s Gallery