Duality Moon

Duality spins on it’s own axis, as it does so the face changes mixing the Feminine and Masculine Energies
working together in perfect harmony to generate LIFE..

The perfect and timeless realities of geometry are THE fundamental
concepts of the Universe……………
Anywhere in the cosmos, the Circle, Triangle, Square, etc. remain the same unchanging archetypes.
Sacred Geometry is pure Universal truth. Worlds turn in Sacred Geometry, and the galaxies spin
because of it. The characters of the Elements can be understood in terms of four Spiritual Powers:
Earth is Dry and Cool, Water Cool and Moist, Air Moist and Warm, Fire Warm and Dry. Their
influences are the primary agents of change in the cosmos. The point in the centre is thought of
as the embryo of the soul, it is a tiny point of Bindu, Consciousness, implanted in the egotistical heart.
Using only a compass and a square I began drawing a circle, then joined a second circle creating
the Vesica Piscis……ALL dimensional shapes can be created from this one shape……
‘The Womb’ of the Universe. The Vesica Piscis created The Cross, The Cube,
Hexagon, Dodecahedron (shape for Earth), Octahedron (shape for Air, Tetrahedron (shape for Fire),
and Icosahedron (shape for Water) can then be revealed.

If you slowly spin this painting, The Four Elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water mix, as it revolves
so do the Zodiac, Elemental and Alchemical Symbols. The colours of the Chakra produce healing
and calm. The Male energy force, the Sun (rod of Hermes) DNA or the Kundalini blends with
the Moon, the Female calming influence, working together in perfect harmony to generate LIFE.