The Visionary Arts Academy was launched late in 2016. This online meeting place of professional and amateur artists has gradually been building a following over the past 4 months. They have interviewed a series of well-known artists, and hosted more than 10 ARTJAM’s, which are described as online group creative sessions where artists from all over the world hang out together while working on their latest canvas, sculpture, drawing or digital media.

Over the past year, the Visionary Arts Academy has been helping visionary artist leaders to create educational content. Co-founder Ka Amorastreya is the creator of the very first course via the Academy, “Sacred Geometry I.”

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Ka Amorastreya dives deep into ancient art of using geometry to create more engaging and realistic paintings. Ten multimedia lessons explore the geometries associated with the numbers 1-10, their mythos, their importance in nature, and how to extract the structures of each into works of art. The course includes 14 videos, and extensive inspirational and practical imagery to help artists craft each stage of a geometric form.


On February 6th, the Visionary Arts Academy will host a live interview session with Ka Amorastreya, where she will introduce her course and speak about the importance of geometry in creating realistic imagery. Tune in for a special discount code for her course and find out why the Visionary Arts Academy is a great way to enhance your artistic skills.

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Creative Director of SolPurpose, creator of The Human Mandala Project and founder of Digital Empathy Design, a web and graphic design collective based out of Boulder, CO. I consider myself a life artist. The world is my canvas and my experiences, relationships and feeling are the medium.


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