I am a very open-minded, passionate, esoteric person with little need for anything to bring me to a point of anger. Rarely does anything even come close. Will find humor in my mistakes rather than let them get me down. The law of attraction is far more powerful than can be explained simply. I feel that two people can dive deeper into each-others souls simply by staring deep into each others eyes or through the evolution of a deep powerful conversation. Learning endlessly the workings of one's mind, to help mediate when things get difficult or confusing. Anything can be remedied, the precise solution is all that is required. Only some things are probable, and yet, anything is possible. Most may not understand this, and I don't expect them to but 'tis who I am and nothing will ever make me out to be a sex-driven lunatic as society generally describes the male gender.. I try not to dwell on the past, I'd rather grow from it, knowing that the present and future are equally infinite, open to change at a moment's notice. It's just up to us to decide what each brings us. ^-^ I'd say I'm cool-headed, reflective and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity, rather than owning it. Have a well-developed value system, which I strive to live in accordance with. Extremely loyal, adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value of mine is threatened. Mentally quick and able to see possibilities. Interested in understanding and helping people, by simply taking some of the weight off their shoulders, if not all of it for a while. I have no secrets of my own, I am an open book as long as the page is flipped by way of a question pertaining to it. I enjoy venturing out and capturing whatever natural beauty I can, it's sad how much is just truly unnoticed. As well as driving to unknown destinations simply enjoying the company of others while listening to a wide variety of music. All while invoking deep thought and debates on topics ranging from philosophy to epistemology to the government to human potential and everything beyond. I've recently been fascinated by people and how desperate some are to simply force changes in their lives rather than wait for the opportunity to first open the door, if not light the path.. Life experiences shaping them every step of the way, parent's lessons, siblings, school, random people met at every turn..intriguing to say the least. The shaping of a person's personality by way of mile-stones upon the path we lead.. I've been finding that my passions include anything that proves the potential or beauty of an object or scene. Whether it be capturing it through photography, cooking, writing, art of any kind when it strikes me relevant to the emotion or concept, be it digital or otherwise. Others have inspired me, now I only hope to inspire others; pay it forward in a sense. I am not, nor do I condone the male stereotype; players, one-night-stands, flings, and all of that mentality. It makes no sense to me. The very idea of lust doesn't cross my mind throughout a day, it's pointless. Whereas love can bring time to a standstill, it can turn a single night into a seemingly timeless moment. Who would honestly take lust over time alteration with emotion alone... I mean common! ^-^ but seriously, what kind of trade-off is that? To each their own I suppose.. I have very little dislike of any music, the variety I keep on hand is diverse to say the least. I listen to everything from Dubstep, to Frank Sinatra and probably just about anything in between. ^-^ If there is one thing I wish for this world, it is simply this.. When anger rises emptying your heart of love, when fear pushes you beyond the threshold of rational thoughts, when nothing seems to work.. Remember EVERYTHING has balance, and flows, and washes away the previous, down the drain into the past. Life is a cycle as is all of existence, recycling is not just something we try to do with plastics, it is what everything is about. We are recycled just the same, life is a story told infinite times with innumerable characters, and countless chapters. The one thing that does not occur is repeating characters chapters later, no two characters will ever be the same just as no two versions of the story will ever match. Every character within this endless tale paints the world and it's experiences shown, with a personalized custom pallet of colors which also will never match another. A definition of me is impossible, yet this is close enough to understand an idea: 1- I shall treat others the same way I want them to treat me 2- I shall love my Neighbor and I should love myself 3- I shall cooperate with others rather than compete with them 4- I shall respect others personal and private life and space 5- I shall support, love and protect my partners 6- I shall fight injustice whenever I find it 7- I shall accept any single moment as one to learn something from 8- I shall choose only when there is no choice to have 9- I shall not believe, I will always think, try to understand and reason 10- I shall not own anyone and no one should own me 11- I shall not own what is valued above my needs, my wants should come through desired effort, not effort desired 12- I shall not in the effort of practicing my freedom trespass in others 13- I shall not accept, take part in injustice/misuse of power and I should compensate those who were harmed by my actions 14- I shall not think I own the truth and I shall always seek new truths

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