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Flow Arts in Hyperspace: Sara Huntley on The Future of Creative Performance

Photo courtesy Elena Kulikova Photography

“No holds barred, I’d describe myself as a pattern hunter in nature – a synesthesia artist seeking to see things normally unwitnessed, translating waveforms of data into different spectrums of perception.” Oakland-based Sara “Seraphinianus” Huntley is a shining example of a generation of multimedia artists eagerly taking to emerging media – ... Read More »

The Inner Eye 2: Reinier Gamboa

Reinier Gamboa - The Scorpion's Tail

For the second installment of The Inner Eye I had a chance to interview one of my favorite contemporary painters, Reinier Gamboa. Reinier’s work is one that defies classification, possessing elements of surrealism, illustration, expressionism, as well as both resentational art and abstraction. Reinier’s work is one of contrasts: expression ... Read More »

SolPurpose Conversations Episode 3: Ken Adams & “The Terence McKenna Experience”

Photo by Frances Furr:

“It’s important that we pay attention. We only have this attention for a very short time in this human frame, and what we put our attention onto is where the most magic and power is. It’s where the most freedom is. Really the ONLY place there’s any freedom is where ... Read More »

Featured Music: Rising Appalachia

Photo by Ian Queiroz

Rising Appalachia has been infusing traditional Appalachian folk music with inspired influences from around the world since sisters Leah and Chloe Smith began busking in the streets of Asheville, North Carolina in the mid 2000′s. They now tour with a rotating band of world percussionists, double bass,  jazz brass, and ... Read More »

Appalachian Soul Revival: Swimming Hole Hydrotherapy

Will Franchot - Hydrotherapy

We all love creeks and rivers.  Their clear, cool and cascading nature mesmerize us and create beautiful settings to commune and cleanse ourselves. The fresh, flowing energies bring us alive – and, combined with the warmth of spring, encourage us to hold nothing back and take a plunge into the ... Read More »

VIDEO: Alex and Allyson Grey Interview Part 4 – Visionary Practice

Alex and Allyson Grey at COSM interview pt. 4

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Decomposing The Shadow: James Jesso on Psilocybin Psychotherapy

Book Cover: "Decomposing The Shadow" by James Jesso

James Jesso is the author of Decomposing the Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom – both a sweeping overview and a profound personal journey.  We sat down together for an online conversation about the “dirt work” of psychedelic psychotherapy and how his own experience of transformation has informed his mission to help others ... Read More »

The Inner Eye 1: Véronique Meignaud

Globe by Véronique Meignaud

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VIDEO: Alex and Allyson Grey Interview Part 3 – Entheon

Alex and Allyson Grey

It is our honor to present part 3 of our 4 part interview with two great leaders in the Visionary Arts movement, Alex and Allyson Grey. In part 3 the Greys explore the role of the artist as documentarians and emissaries of infinite inner space, and explain their vision for ... Read More »

VIDEO: Alex and Allyson Grey Interview Part 2 – Gender Alchemy

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.49.51 PM

We are pleased to present part 2 of our 4 part interview with the luminaries Alex and Allyson Grey in their private studio in the Hudson Valley. In part 2, we explore the potential for building and spreading positive relationships between the Masculine and Feminine through art and a new ... Read More »