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Decomposing The Shadow: James Jesso on Psilocybin Psychotherapy

Book Cover: "Decomposing The Shadow" by James Jesso

James Jesso is the author of Decomposing the Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom – both a sweeping overview and a profound personal journey.  We sat down together for an online conversation about the “dirt work” of psychedelic psychotherapy and how his own experience of transformation has informed his mission to help others ... Read More »

Beyond the Image: The Visionary Art Movement

"House of Many Mansion" by Kuba Ambrose

For as long as we have been human, human beings have had visionary experiences, and created art in response to those experiences. Many of these experiences were facilitated through the ingestion of entheogenic plants, agreed upon across every ancient culture to be one of the most expedient routes to a ... Read More »

If THIS doesn’t wake you up, Nothing will.

mear one revolution

Mear One, one of the most prolific muralists of LA’s buzzing street art scene has been spreading knowledge and advocating for a more free and just society for more than two decades. At the heart of his art lies a desire to empower and enliven the people of the world ... Read More »

These Paintings Will Change the Way You Look at Flowers


Carmelo Blandino, Florida based painter, has a unique vision when it comes to looking at flowers. These paintings are all created with oil paint and an airbrush. “My recent flower series is inspired by the battle between memory and experience. Memories create the emotional triggers that inform the experience of the present ... Read More »

Featured Musician: Bird of Prey


“Sometimes you have to just feel around a bit until you’ve got something that inspires you, but I prefer having an intention before diving in.” - Bird of Prey Sound designer and mastermind of electronic music projects Bird of Prey and Birds of Paradise (with Tyler Gibson), music producer Torin ... Read More »

SolPurpose Conversations, Episode 2: Richard Doyle on Approaching “The Cloud of Unknowing”

“The zen tradition has this great saying, ‘Here comes the hearth god, looking for the fire.’ You’re looking everywhere for the fire, and it’s IN you. and when you start to find it in yourself, others find you.” – Richard “Mobius” Doyle Stream or Download the Entire Dialogue for Free ... Read More »

Whitebear Gon Getcha

SP WB Header

Whitebear is the music of 22 year old Arthur Song, an up and coming producer from Malaysia who is currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. Deep grooves resonate with the slightest of squish and glitch to result in a sound that seems to be very on par with the amazing sounds ... Read More »

Introducing bassAware: A Revolution in Wearable Audio

I have been tracking audio technology developments since 2007, excited to imagine how our accelerating world might change the way we relate to our senses.  But years of speculation takes its toll, resulting in a kind of “future fatigue” (“Where is my hoverboard?”) – and so it was with immense delight that, ... Read More »

Review: Rootwire 2013′s Art Explosion!

Rootwire Live Painting - by

“Our original plan with this whole thing was that we would just throw a party where we would play on stage and there would be people out in the field painting, so we could all create together,” Anthony Thogmartin said during one of Papadosio’s sets this year at Rootwire Festival.  ... Read More »

An Interview With Jordan Sadler of Unitus Festival

SolPurpose: Unitus Festival is a production of Magnolia Miracle, your online community for tax-free ticket trading.  Seems like a lot of the people producing festivals these days started as fans and got gradually more passionate about the other side of things – about putting together meaningful events.  Was that true ... Read More »