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What happens when the festival bubble bursts?

"Ana Purna Devi" By GeoGlyphiks

What does it mean to ReInhabit the Village?  For me, a 10 year festival veteran, that translates to harnessing the energy that is spent creating large scale music and arts festivals into something that promotes sustainability, builds community and creates resources. Imagine walking through the gates of your very own ... Read More »

Flow Arts in Hyperspace: Sara Huntley on The Future of Creative Performance

Photo courtesy Elena Kulikova Photography

“No holds barred, I’d describe myself as a pattern hunter in nature – a synesthesia artist seeking to see things normally unwitnessed, translating waveforms of data into different spectrums of perception.” Oakland-based Sara “Seraphinianus” Huntley is a shining example of a generation of multimedia artists eagerly taking to emerging media – ... Read More »

SolPurpose Conversations Episode 3: Ken Adams & “The Terence McKenna Experience”

Photo by Frances Furr:

“It’s important that we pay attention. We only have this attention for a very short time in this human frame, and what we put our attention onto is where the most magic and power is. It’s where the most freedom is. Really the ONLY place there’s any freedom is where ... Read More »

Appalachian Soul Revival: Swimming Hole Hydrotherapy

Will Franchot - Hydrotherapy

We all love creeks and rivers.  Their clear, cool and cascading nature mesmerize us and create beautiful settings to commune and cleanse ourselves. The fresh, flowing energies bring us alive – and, combined with the warmth of spring, encourage us to hold nothing back and take a plunge into the ... Read More »

Decomposing The Shadow: James Jesso on Psilocybin Psychotherapy

Book Cover: "Decomposing The Shadow" by James Jesso

James Jesso is the author of Decomposing the Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom – both a sweeping overview and a profound personal journey.  We sat down together for an online conversation about the “dirt work” of psychedelic psychotherapy and how his own experience of transformation has informed his mission to help others ... Read More »

SolPurpose Conversations, Episode 2: Richard Doyle on Approaching “The Cloud of Unknowing”

“The zen tradition has this great saying, ‘Here comes the hearth god, looking for the fire.’ You’re looking everywhere for the fire, and it’s IN you. and when you start to find it in yourself, others find you.” – Richard “Mobius” Doyle Stream or Download the Entire Dialogue for Free ... Read More »

Why I’ve Given Up the Snark

Illustration by Henry Holiday from 'The Hunting of the Snark' by Lewis Carroll

Anyone who knows me knows that I can be an incredibly irreverent and snarky person. At times it can quite humorous and, at other times, it can be…less so, so I’ve come to found. I’ve thought about this – about what I say, how I act, what I do – about ... Read More »

Introducing bassAware: A Revolution in Wearable Audio

I have been tracking audio technology developments since 2007, excited to imagine how our accelerating world might change the way we relate to our senses.  But years of speculation takes its toll, resulting in a kind of “future fatigue” (“Where is my hoverboard?”) – and so it was with immense delight that, ... Read More »

Breaking Ironic News: Grocery Store Paves Farmland


istoric San Francisco Bay Area farmland in danger of becoming a parking lot for a corporate grocery store chain calling itself “Sprouts Farmers Market” on December 12th. The community who loves the farm is asking you to get informed. Please watch and share their comedic guerilla theatre styled action “The ... Read More »

Approaching Infinity: Crystal & Spore Education Systems

Crystal & Spore

In the Spirit of Solpurpose comes a shimmering reflection from the annals of Visionary Culture. Borne beyond the brink, this ancient-future metamedia collective has delivered a metaprogram, part dj’ed and vj’ed media environment, part presentation, part prayerformance, part education, part entertainment, a post-paradigm pastiche of thoughts, visions, sounds and sights. ... Read More »