Gateways of Illumination Visionary Art Video

Gateways of Illumination Visionary Art Video

We invite you to join us on a journey of transformation and healing. A story of Remembrance. May these sacred expressions of art help us recognize the beauty and blessing of being together here and now – Perfect, whole, and complete. We are Guardians of a transcendent destiny. We are the Wayshowers of a new Golden Era of harmony and peace. And the time to take our most cherished dreams and make them into our waking realities…is Now.

We would like to extend a huge thanks and deep gratitude for all the artists and musicians that were featured in this video. Your windows to the other side inspire and enlighten us all and for that we are grateful. Thank you to everyone that expresses their passions, whole-heartedly. By following your authentic desires for creation, you pave the road for others to do the same.  Your ripples reach much farther than you know.  Infinite love and gratitude.

Narration By Ehren Cruz

Video & Editing By Josh Davis

Artists Featured in this Video

Special Thanks

VJ Deloscinari for his video remix of many different visionary works by many different artists

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