Electronic Shamanism .:. Itom Lab

Electronic Shamanism .:. Itom Lab


“I want to engage a sacredness of all.  Shapes, color, emotion, mind travel to infinity and beyond.  I am imagining my dreams consciously and developing these worlds of sounds into cosmic compositions. I compose in honor and gratitude and release these artistic creations into our reality through sonic alchemy.”  -Itom Lab

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A galactic journey into the stars with sonic vibrational compositions of electronic music… A hybrid of organic and etheric sounds… Using a variety of control surfaces and performing on several instruments to explore numinous realms.  Evolving through the arts of Electronic Shamanism is my soul’s mission.  Whether it be on the dance floor, sacred ceremony, desert parties or festivals… I journey to bring healing and transformation through the medicine of conscious music… ~ Itom Lab

What inspires you to create music?

I am in a complete state of knowingness that making music is one of my reasons of existence. Everything feels good and puts me in an excited state when the music is made and reflects.  It’s a soul mission, and as I progress this craft everything in life becomes sweeter.  I am conscious that this music adventure is about the journey…what it takes to make the music, travel to places to record, perform and meet beings takes incredible commitment.  It feels great to have a CD completed, but the journey is the true magic. I have found the importance of enjoying every little moment on the path.  When the music is complete it’s time to travel and perform ~ going to venues, festivals, parties and ceremonies.  The package of music is a dream and that inspires me to work solid.

Do you possess any formal education and training in music or art?

I got my first drum kit at age 2 and could rock a solid beat by 5. I have two older brothers who both played guitar and I had drums, so music has been a cornerstone throughout my life.  At 18 I really got into music engineering/production. I Graduated from Recording Workshop for Audio Production and then immediately went off to work in studios engineering/producing.  I also have a Bach Degree in Media Arts I began in San Diego and finished at Art Institute of Santa Monica.  I began guitar and bass at 13 yrs old as well piano a bit earlier, which I took some training in, but I am mostly self taught.  At this point I play 20 organic instruments with a variety of sound tools.

Your music is composed of both organic and electronic elements.  How do you fuse together these seemingly polarized styles to make up your hybrid music child Itom Lab?

I love both organic and electronic elements.  Most of the music I listen to have both components present.  My library of inspiration spans through endless genres and eras with so many magical sounds.  I also dig the idea of using the ancient sound tools such as singing bowls, didges, gongs, chants, ect. and fusing them with a futuristic atmosphere.  Sometimes it’s marinating on sound healing and frequency morphing to have richer properties in resonance with electronic tonalities through synth filters and arpeggiators.  Another big part of my music composition is actually playing many of my own instruments.  I want to express my sound design through the instruments performance and then weave the MIDI programming in the ethereal imagination.  It forms a bridge between musical heaven and Earth.

What types of instruments and technology do you use to develop your unique sound?

Ableton is at the core of my production software with a long list of VST sounds and effects.  Recently Turnado has been a sweet device and I use it a lot when performing.  MacBook Pro, iMac & G5 Tower, and also touching in with an iPad using the Lemur app.  I also use NI’s Maschine, Kaoss Pad3, APC40 with an NI AudioKontrol. My studio space is composed of several mics, drums, djembes, tablas, gongs, singing bowls, didgeridoos, two classical nylon guitars, electric guitar, ukelele, flute, various odd sounding things and of course…crystals everywhere…

What would you describe your genre as?

.:: GalacTemple PsyDream SpiritWhomp ::.

I recently signed with Invibe Music (http://invibemusic.com/artist) They have a great team of artists, check them out. 

My newest release is “Brahmin”  with art by: Meats Meier  http://www.3dartspace.com/  

My previous release is titled “NEYEN” with cover art by: GeoGlyphiks  http://geoglyphiks.com/

Are there any other artists or musicians that you would consider key Influences or inspirations behind the creation of your sound?

All of them. Everything is an experience that provides what I prefer and what I don’t prefer.  From electronic compositions to hard rock to classical to varieties of ethnic genres, all has its place.  The speed at which music is released these days is so fast, so much is created and inspirational.  Everyone is sharing and turning others on to the newness.  There are a few in past that set fire to my creativity, but it’s always changing and I stay open to the moment.  I will riddle a few though that tickle my ears. Shulman, Tool, Jason Mraz, Ott, Akara, Bird of Prey + Paradise, Govinda, Shpongle, Autechre, Amon Tobin, Michael Buble’, Younger Brother, Mozart, Incubus, The Doors, The Beatles, ahhhh this list goes on and on…. In addition to the endless visual artists that also inspire me to the core.

Your track, Galactic Mantra, from your first album “Atomic Consciousness” has blown up in electronic scenes across the world. What is the story behind this provocatively deep song?

One night in making music I had this idea of doing a mantra thing and picked up the mic while in a very spiritual headspace and it all just came through. I started playing with some vocoder effects and put down some chill music with it.   That track broke through well right from the start.  I began having requests for others to use the vocal or remix the track.  There is a really stellar mix by Ovnimoon and many others continue to surface.  I have had lots of cool emails reflecting on that track in the last few years.  I’ve seen pics of temple walls with the mantra written on it, I’ve seen two different tattoos of it and hear so much beautiful feedback.  It really means a lot to me.   I have also remixed the original adding many other sounds and atmospheres to it.  It’s a free download online for all.

Lets get deeper into your music developmental process. When you are creating a song, is there an internal visual explorational experience playing out in your mind as well?  Do you perceive a mythological story being animated through your songs?  

Sometimes I am noodling a track, I imagine myself in a temple, I’m playing tabla and when I apply the reverb I close my eyes to feel the reverb matching the temple structure size I’m in.  Other ways are translating an image/geometry, I might break down the math, shapes and colors and use the math for rhythm and the colors as notes.

Most of my recent creations are straight from hearing it in my head.  All of the sudden a beat starts playing in my head, I hear a synth or bass line and off it goes.  I aim to capture those moments of pure creativity.  If I’m not at my work station, I’ll often beatbox and hum into my iPhone to keep the idea.  Our pineal glands hold these tiny crystals in it that communicate to frequency and vibration similar like a radio.  I know those seed ideas are being delivered and I feel its important to capture those magical moments.  I try my best to match my blueprint transition and then sprinkle the details through the production as I go.

There is a noticeable evolution and progression in your music over the years.  How has your creation process shifted as you fine tune your sonic offerings?

My first release “Atomic Consciousness” was really experimental, I was still quite new to the electronic music world.  I spent most of my music career as a drummer and even though I was an engineer it took a while to learn new software, hardware and really getting inside the matrix of sound design.  I started in 2008 and it’s an ever evolving process of new technologies. Yet at this point, I really feel I’ve experimented with everything: Old skool turntables, into Serato, into Ableton, sequencers, drums pads, KaossPads, and dozens of surface controllers.  Whats most important to me is being able to translate the music while having lots of fun in the process

One of your newer songs presents the idea of Shivai, which translates as: “I am on my path.  I am on my journey.  I am completely in my passion.  Stand aside, for I am coming through.”  What would you say to aspiring artists who are being challenged to remain in their Shivai?  How can a person fully engage in their true life calling while remaining healthy, centered, and supported in a society very much in flux?

I say stick to your guns.  Do not compromise even a teeny tiny bit.  Go for it ALL.  Stay present in your skill.  If your passion is blazing, every moment is hot.  When you are in the zone there’s nobody/nothing that can tell you your art is “wrong”.  It comes from the heart of You.  It’s meant to be different and reshaped.  Know it’s all about the journey, drop all your expectations and stay grateful for whatever level you’re at as a creator.  No amounts of money or success will get you that high.  And this doesn’t apply only to art, but your whole being, your life and your presence.  It’s like going to a festival or Burning Man and saying “Hey I don’t think your art/costume is going to work out here.”  HA!!!  They’ll Shivai all over you in variety of ways!

Many people have said that while hearing your music they feel as though they are “flying on a starship through space”.  In fact, I have experienced this myself.  Is there a relationship between how your creation process happens and how an experiencer experiences it?  Is it your intention to create a sonic environment that initiates a galactic experience?

I have a lot of visions in mind about ships, contact and galactic variables.  It definitely influences me and I feel a good connection and translation for those topics.  Lots of people have shared similar adventures.  I feel my music holds a good spiritual space.  My intention is that it’s a positive experience and when people have a deeper connection it all unfolds to similar places, energy, chakra, contact, visuals, geometry, alien, deity etc.  We’re all unraveling into these parables of vision continuously.

I am conscious to the idea that even when I am simply listening to these tracks as they develop, my experiences of it are embedded within the music.  Aside from just mixing it, it’s a fully immersive journey filled with emotions, perspectives, believes, and experiences.  Awesome intentions become a part of the fabric of the music.

Can you share with us an experience, musical or otherwise, that moved you so deep that you felt completely transformed by it?

Sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhponnnnnnnnnnnnngle.  Tool.  Simply having the experience of the remembrance of everything.  There are definitely others, however those two unquestionably reside in the inner Jedi Council.  

There is a track from your album, Crop Circe of Life, called “Electronic Shamanism”.  What is electronic shamanism?  Do you believe arcane wisdom and practices are being harnessed today through digital mediums? 

I do believe those practices are harnessed in these digital transcriptions of sounds and visuals even if the creators are not fully conscious of it.  Siriusly, look at our transformational festivals.  Those visual and music creators are the Shamans.  Healing, remembering, inspiring, revealing the riddles of eternity through mind-blowing audio/visual experiences.  Electronic Shamanism is my idea of modern shamanistic happenings through technology and neo-tribal intentional gatherings. When I go to festivals everything is my shaman/brahmin.  Most music at these festivals are rich in love and consciousness with the intention unified.  And that is the great work of the medicine man in his natural origins or within the electronic outer realms.

We are in an extremely transformative era, where there are an incredible amount of people remembering their cosmic and ancestral roots, and reconnecting with long forgotten mystical abilities.  Do you personally engage in any mystical or medicine practices of the elder lineage?

Meditation has always been a magical doing, along with phases of yoga or qi gong.  I’ve sat in ceremony which is something that happens when it really calls.  Loving the Gong Fu and a variety of tea ceremonies.  I do strive for a harmonic balance in life from my body to a peaceful mind.  Mystical abilities are awakening in everyone every moment. To maintain what I do and grow everyday is a mystical remembrance.   In such gratitude for all. 

You have an elaborate library of dreams on www.dreamcatcher.net that are intricate experiences of ET’s, crystals, mystical powers and more.   What, from your perspective, are dreams themselves? 

Dreams are arcane messages that we can use to weave into this reality creating a fuller more dynamic life.  I want to remember everything I can in the etheric realm, so I do the best I can to keep a solid journal on  Dreamcatcher.net.   Also keeping past dreams fresh is a trip, you usually forgot most of your dreams from the past, but when they’re fresh it’s like replaying important plot points in a movie to reveal how critical pieces fit together. No doubt they have definition in our waking life.  The Universe loves it when you translate the dream world, you’ll definitely get some gold stars for taking action on that. It’s a method of translating dreams to the waking life to teach you more about how they are not all that different. Morphing the dream visions and abilities into this life makes your reality more flexible and dreamy to create a peaceful wonder-filled space.

When you’re not composing galactic-earth songs with harmony and melodies, what other dances of expression also drive your passion?

I really enjoy graphics.  I have a Degree in Media Arts and absolutely love designing. I am really into 3D designs with Cinema 4D, Maya, ZBrush, After Effects, Photoshop, and many other programs.  There is so much amazing art to be inspired by.  My favorite style is making glyphs, symbols, geometries and temples.  I’m also big on dream translating.  It’s exciting to have a dream experience then create it.  Visionary art forms a really sweet balance between music.  Each is reciprocally inspiring. How does this shape sound? What does this synth look like?

Do you have any exciting projects and/or collaborations you are involved with at the moment or will be engaging with in the near future you would like to share?

There’s the new Lab release “Brahmin“, also my other new side project is ” Galactronic”  I produced a 10 track CD for Yoga, I have a few collaborations in the works with some artists I really dig.  I’m keeping busy and I want to participate as much as possible.  There will be another release around the summer for my newest project that I’m super excited for “Tetranogon”.  So far this one is really hitting home for me more than anything yet.  I’ll have an Akara remix on that one.  I will also be collaborating with Soulacybin and Ransom. There’s another project still deep in the brew with Fabiano do Noscimento due to take flight in the not so distant future as well.  There’s much on the horizon and it has me really excited.

Beyond festivals, what do you envision or wish to inspire for the future well being of the human race?

I envision the future to be kind of like festivals or a permanent Burning Man. Celebrations, activations, yoga, meditation, workshops, parties, music, art, no judgement, kindness, freaks, everything is custom made to ones expression.  The celebration never ends.  I say lets keep this party going strong and keep the Earth beautiful along the way!  I am excited to play a part in the future development of consciousness through artistic expressions. I want to play everywhere all the time.  Let me know when and where I can be of service  d(~*~)b.

See Itom Lab at Lucidity Festival this summer!