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Our Mission

Our Mission

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Have you ever asked yourself, what is my soul purpose? What is my higher calling? was created in light of a great mission – to become nurturers and courageous proponents of creative expression and self discovery. Our life is dedicated to the proliferation the numinous forms of sacred expression that bring harmony, joy, and remembrance into our lives. We pray this portal of creativity help to empower others to seek and discover that profound unshakable sense of higher purpose within you.

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Our lives are dedicated to sacred service, with an intention that through openly sharing the sacred art, music, wisdom, and culture we have discovered along our journey, more brothers and sisters will find their source of true happiness, peace, and inspiration.

It has been our Great calling to help assist in the restoration of the human bond with spirit. We are all born to be beings of profound peace – dreamers and architects of ascended vision and proliferators of a universally collaborative world. Only together can we make the transcendent world of our hearts a manifested reality. We humbly thank you for joining us in this shared journey of self discovery and welcome you to a online visionary portal celebrating the blossoming of a new conscious world culture.

- Written By Ehren Cruz

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