Mugwort Artemisia

Mugwort Artemisia


“Mugwort Artemisia is a sacred herb used for lucid dreaming and astral projection. It strengthens the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind and enhances dream recall. My intention as an artist is to create images that open windows into the dream world, to remind us of the infinite.”


Isaac Mills aka Mugwort Artemisia explores sacred space through digital fingertips, bringing to life visions of the past, present and holofuture.  Hailing from the east coast of Canada and now residing near the Pacific, this young wizard reaches through the transmorphic field and opens windows for the rest of us to see through.  Go deep with us as we explore the visions and vibrations of Mugwort Artemisia.



You call yourself Mugwort Artemisia. What does that mean to you and where does it come from?

Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) is a sacred herb used for lucid dreaming and astral projection. It strengthens the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind and enhances dream recall. My intention as an artist is to create images that open windows into the dream world, to remind us of the infinite. When I was brewing mugwort tea nightly, I
adapted the name as a tribute to the plant wisdom and my astral travels, as a moniker for my avatar and alter-ego, and as a personal commitment to dream, imagine, and channel intentional art. The word Artemisia I use to remind myself to embed the animalistic, lunar and huntress qualities of the Greek goddess Artemis into my art.

Tell us a little about the tools that you use to create.

I use a Wacom Intuous tablet with a multitude of programs, particually Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and Corel painter, as well as other cool programs like Cinema 4D, Google Sketchup, Alchemy, Apophysis, and others. I use a Macbook Pro laptop.

Do you have any experience with traditional art? How does it compare to the digital mediums?

I spent my early life obsessively drawing, exploring various creative mediums and playing music. Before I got into digital painting, I was painting with acrylics and oil paintings. When I adopted a more nomadic lifestyle I was unable to continue my painting practice and couldn’t carry my supplies with me, so I decided it was time to start exploring other creative avenues, with lead me into digital art. Using digital tools in creative ways, problem solving and experimenting has opened up new artistic pathways for me. I am constantly discovering new techniques for painting, and developing my personal library of images for designing and remixing, which makes my artistic process dynamic and exciting for me. I love the collaborative potential and wide-spread applicability of digital art, and the networking and relationships its enabled me to form. I have some traditional paintings planned for 2012 but will continue to focus primarily on my digital work.

What sort of traditions and concepts influence your art?

All sorts of historic art inspires me. I love the stylistic aesthetic of Rococo, Baroque and Art nouveau paintings and architecture. I often borrow from these visual traditions to pollinate my imagery with a sense of grandness and iconic narrative. I feel deep resonance with all kinds of traditional indigenous artistic expressions, from Polynesian tattooing and Haida totem poles to Tibetan Thangkas and Persian textiles. I love spiritual, mythological and shamanic artwork. While living in Bali last year, i developed a deep connection with the incredible stonework, carvings, masks, paintings, and artistry of the ‘island of the gods’. My experiences practicing Taoist alchemy has shaped my art heavily.

Many of your pieces contain ancient symbols that many call sacred geometry. What do those shapes mean for you and how do you incorporate that in your work?

Geometry and symmetry are ever-present in nature; it is an aspect of the sacred architecture of reality. I mix a lot of these kinds of patterns into my work to encourage activated states of consciousness. Rather than using much specific cultural iconography I prefer to keep it open, so that imagery might be received clearly from the source without much intellectual interpretation.

There are so many talented and beautiful people making and creating amazing things. What 3 people are really inspiring you right now?

Android jones is one of my biggest inspirations. These past few years he’s been paving the way for digital visionary artists, helping to carve a name for digital art in the contemporary art world, inspiring creativity in the masses and pushing the boundaries of whats possible with the medium. Kris Kuksi is another huge inspiration of mine. His apocalyptic assemblage art invokes potent, immerse narratives. Hayao Miyazaki’s visionary manga ‘Nausicaa‘ continues to inspire me heavily. The art and storytelling are breathtaking.

Some people would say that we are moving into a space where we are no longer hoarding our resources and trying to make a buck off of our creations. What are your thoughts on open source sharing?

I think open sharing of information and resources has incredible potential to transform our society. Those in power seek to prevent it and maintain the status quo, but if information, media, and resources were more equally accessible and shared, it would facilitate positive revolutionary transformations. It is auspicious as an artist to not operate from a place of ego, but as a clear channel, acting in service towards shaping a better world.

      As the rich continue to consolidate the money and the rest of the world struggles to make ends meet, what do you see as the best way that we can all come together?

It is through personal transformation that society as a whole can reach a tipping point, resulting in a paradigm shift and elevation of global consciousness. If we can collectively overcome the illusion of separation, we can quickly become immune to the spells, propaganda, and epistemological colonialism used by those in power to control the masses.

This is the year that we have all been waiting for. The prophesied 2012 As we creep through the initial months of 2012, do you have any preconceptions or ideas about what may happen at the end of this year?

Transformation is happening. Time to concentrate, focus, act, and bring in the light.

In your own words, what is your SolPurpose?

To be in flow with eternity and help reflect the light .

Do you have a message for other artist and creators? What would you like to tell the world?

Find avenues to acknowledge and experience eternity. Zoom out of ego projections and intellectual confusion to spaces of clarity. Find ways to empower yourself and lift up those around you. Identify and release the negative energies that limit you. Believe in your dreams. Feel grateful for all you have and compassion for all beings.

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