Opening the Petals of Sonic Bloom

Opening the Petals of Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom Festival in NatureThe lush greenery of The Rocky Mountains of Colorado holds some of the purest energy in America. The rich snow of the high peaks nourishes the majority of the western US with its pure flowing waters. This clean and clear energy can be felt channeling through the heart of Sonic Bloom, making it a nexus of life force energy – one of the juiciest venues imaginable to hold a festival.

Sonic Bloom 2012 proved to be an activated bridge harnessing the creative energy of ignited attendees with a utopian environment ripe for initiation. Nestled within a beautiful grove of aspen and pine trees, the soft shade and perfect temperatures of the high Colorado summer days set the tone for what promised to be an amazing weekend.


Sacred intentions focus our energy towards materializing our creative powers into the physical. The setting of Sonic Bloom was blessed with playful adornments and ambient architectures gifted by Cicada 7 and Kelsey’s Creations. This light hearted vibe set the space for us to escape the daily duldrums and bask in whimsical wonder. Sonic Bloom began with a powerful opening ceremony led by Alaya Love and Adam Apollo, accompanied by crystal didgeridoo healer Kimba Arem and Dan Hansen who transformed breath to sound through his custom constructed triple chamber flute which carried a unique, transformative melody. Alaya and Adam unified and ignited the Bloomers with powerful heart activations, full of energetic loving intention, uniting the great sky above and with mother Earth below. This was followed by a group meditation that helped us all to see clearly the divine in each person, no matter where each one of us stood on our path and process. In this tranquil state of mind, recognizing the love and unique self expression that we each hold in our own reflections, we began our great celebration of life as one tribe.
Jamie Janover and Karsh Kale sonic bloomIn its 7th year, Sonic Bloom has completely polished the festival experience into a smooth artform, allowing attendees to partake in a wide expanse of offerings and activations while maintaining a sense of comfort and well being. Upon the festival grounds, the shaded camping provided most of the attendees with a 10 minute luxurious hop skip to the main stage at all times. Daily dips in the cool Colorado River were a staple for most festival goers. Many gathering space installations were placed on site including The Turquoise Portal, a geometric harmonizer designed and constructed by Harlan Emil. This installation gifted an experience of being inside sacred geometry as healing vibrational ratios emanated through resonating floor panels allowing participants to relax and re-harmonize within the structure. The Buddha Lounge musically massaged people through the day with mellow flowy beats on a stream of chill. And at night the small stage featured secret sets by David Block, Kaminanda and exploratory new artists that were proved to be some of the highlights of the festival.

Sonic Bloom is ripe and poised with tumescence, fertilizing and cultivating the perfect raw, expansive evolutionary experiences. The Seed Collective workshop Dome housed a core nexus of consciousness – surrounded in mattresses and pillows galore – it became a home for top level visionary exploration and meditative integration alike. And lastly, Tribe13 Artist Collective was on hand to house an amazing gallery of evolutionary art work, including Colorado’s own Martina Hoffman, Krystle Smith, Dylan Brooks, Michael Garfield, Brandon Crone and many more.

Tammy FireFly sonic bloomA host of Visionary Presenters brought amazing depth to the already surreal musical, artistic, and spiritual experience such as: Android Jones creating visual digital wizadry, Jamie Janover exploring the unified theory, Kaminanda pairing with Michelle Lee for blissful morning yoga, Gregor Arturo bringing the knowledge and mastery of physics, Alaya Love teaching us to heal ourselves with Ho’oponopono, Adam Apollo telling stories of our star lineages and incarnations, Dylan Elmgreen, creating transformative energy via intentionalized vocal sound, Verdarluz uniting the Shamanic Astrology, Lux Moderna heating our center with the healing powers of Kabbalistic Kundalini Yoga, and many other top tier workshop offerings. Not to mention the fully tapping into the catalytic yoga nexus within Boulder offering 3 or 4 workshops a day. It is a true gift to be able to experience such amazing workshop offerings at Sonic Bloom, considering that normally most cost 20-50 per short workshop and literally dozens of practitioners offered their life’s work with open arms and open hearts to all. These evolutionary workshops provided festival goers with a unique opportunity to explore their creative and connective energies bringing back important new discoveries to their awaiting communities back home.

As celebrationists activated their party, the striking magnificence of the LED walls on the main stage of Sonic Bloom lit up top level performances of the likes of Tammy Firefly, Deb Rubin, Lauraleight Maqi, Ka Amorastreya’s “Serpent Feathers”, Nate the Average, Kayti Bunny, Hoop Wizard Nick Guzzardo, Lani Gordon, Acro Yoga Performances and 40 other dynamic professional performers. Live Video Projection artists including Android Jones, who lit up the Carey Thompson designed stage during Tipper’s set, elevated minds with a whole new spectrum of creative possibility. Other digital renaissance warriors including Videolicious, JacobEye, Jigglesworth, Aeon Child, Jason Takahashi, and a host of others added to the pixelized activation with fine form.

The music of Sonic Bloom hit every corner of melodosphere one could imagine in an electronic music festival with the perfect touch, including rare appearances by Adham Shaikh and Karsh Kale of Tabla Beat Science, the funky sounds of Russ Liquid, Funginears, Lafa Taylor, and the deep mystic temple vibrations from favorite producers in the festival world like Emancipator, Bonobo, Ott, and Welder. The audio experience was rich and fulfilling, satiating all appetites from the clean and crisp to the dank and deliciously dirty. One could argue that perhaps Sonic Bloom ignited participants the deepest during epic sunrise sets by Kaminanda, Of Porcelain, and master of the dawn himself, Random Rab. Feeling such nourishing energy pulsing through our veins as the dawn breaks gave everyone a deep sense of peace and gratitude, and most of all, a true human experience.

Sonic Bloom Festival showed us how an intentional event can be a container for positive transformation and transmutation, allowing each individual a grounded foundation to seek their own truth and joy in a communal setting. It was a safe environment to explore ourselves outside of a constructed personality and get beneath the shell into who we are, what we are doing and how we really want to live. In its 7th year, this festival has demonstrated a true evolutionary strength in its power to dream a new reality into being. One that we believe plays an intimate part in the seeding of a harmonic transformation blossoming into the world community as a whole.

Written by Dylan Elmgreen  |  Curation/Video by Josh Davis  |  Edited by Ehren Tatykura  |  Photos by Charlie Smith