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Our Sol Purpose

Our Sol Purpose

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Beneath the veils of separation and competition fostered by a society who has long traveled in darkness, there lies a sacred source of light, the Essence of all creation. This fount of boundless love is the foundation of all existence. It is the life~force, the divine breath at the source of all Being.

In the deepest reaches of our soul, we desire nothing more than to unearth a lasting connection to this great and sacred source. We have grown tired of polarization, competing against brothers and sisters, warring against perceived light and darkness through disconnected thoughts, words, and deeds. When in truth, we want nothing more than to live in harmony with this manifested experience ~ Returning to a time of innocence and peace as children of creation. So we sacrifice daily, courageously facing our doubts and fears in an attempt to rediscover our life calling.  A journey drawing us deeper and deeper into the timeless mystery of the human experience ~ the search for the authentic self.

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When we realize our true passion, our zest for life, we immediately desire nothing more than to manifest creative ways to offer this dream as a service to humanity.  Yet to sustain a harmonious foundation, the sharing of this sacred service must also be the means in which we sustain our family and foundation.  For millenia we have been forced to separate our lives between what we do to survive and what we were born to share with the world.  Yet this time is coming to a close.  It is of profound importance that we seek out unique and creative ways to manifest a soul sustaining path that will also fulfill our abundance needs.

This mission – to healthily actualize our soul purpose requires a surrender to a rigorous process of inner cleansing, healing, and creative courage.  Only through facing and accepting our darkness or undigested karma within, are we able to fully embrace the sacred light and perfection of true nature, and thus being the cultivation of our limitless potential to create.  It is through this willingness to endure every challenge on the rigorous path toward self realization, that we are blessed with the knowledge and opportunity to manifest a lifestyle in harmony with our sacred spirit calling.  And we are supported in this call by an ever growing tribe of conscious family ~ honoring our process as we move into alignment with the authentic self.

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In those timeless moments of reuniting with the sacred source, we are blessed with a sustained sense of peace, patience, and clarity.  Our desires are no longer fixated on material wealth, power, status, or any other artificial ideal of the competitive mind.  We become servants of humanity, progenitors of love and unity.  We live our lives to share this blessing with others, to find ways to awaken our Earth family to the transcendent beauty of a life reconnected to Great Spirit and Mother Earth.  Yet it is the expression of our art, our unique creative essence which serves as the strongest vehicle of transmutation…guiding our family selflessly home in celebration as ONE.

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Acceptance of our true divine nature allows us to realize the power and blessing of each breath upon this beautiful planet. We raise our eyes to the sky above each day with a humble sense of honor and spiritual pride.  We Smile, laugh, and embrace this opportunity to simply BE in euphoric gratitude.  We revel in the chance to express ourselves with compassionate acts of kindness and service.  Through sacred acts of trusted sharing, a deep and profound happiness is found, whose precious roots run deep into the heart of creation.  This bond, this divine communion, will never again be lost or forgotten once rekindled in the soul. May each breath we take be offered in appreciation for this opportunity to share our love and light.  And may fearlessly share our art, our unique expressions of beauty and wonder with all creation.  This is the mission of Solpurpose.  This is the journey of humanity.

- Written By Ehren Cruz

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