Rootwire 2K12 :: Best Festival Ever

Rootwire 2K12 :: Best Festival Ever

:: Disclaimer: The views of this article are solely that of the Solpurpose Team and not the official perspective Papadosio or Rootwire Festival as an organization ::

In ancient times, the Festival was honored as a place where all tribes of the land would gather to share their wisdom and culture, trade their crafts and resources, dance in solidarity, and offer their love and gratitude in ceremonies of healing, regeneration, and fellowship. Brothers and sisters journeyed from far and wide for an opportunity to join in these open hearted celebrations; giving thanks to the power of community and the blessing of being connected to this beautiful planet and greater universe. The Festival time was indeed one of the most sacred times of year.

Of the many wondrous intentions that have gone into the development of Rootwire Festival 2K12, at the heart of it all was a dream to reignite this long honored tradition in the heart of contemporary culture. For many months we gathered together, thinking of how to co-create a positive transformational event where our friends and family can explore the wisdom, creativity, and true magic of this profound age – in a way that honors the health of the body, the healing power of a clear and calm mind, and the transcendent nature of the awakened spirit. A festival that at its core seeks to not only provide a dynamic platform for transformational growth and collaborative action on the field, but to equip you with knowledge, tools, and network of alliances to harness those vital realizations unearthed upon the field and bring them home to germinate within the heart of your home community. And in that goal we not only found tremendous success, but perhaps even helped to further the transformational festival blueprint as a whole…

~Ehren Tatyakura

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This video is a preview of a full length feature documentary about Rootwire Festival
Filmed by Christopher Essey | Edited by Digital Empathy Design

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