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“Painting” By Alex Grey

Art can be a form of worship & service. The incandescent core of an artists’ soul, a glowing God’s eye, infinitely aware of the beauty of creation, is interlocked with a network of souls, each one a facet of the Vision Crystal, part of one vast group soul. The group soul of art beyond time comes into time by projecting symbols through the artist’s imagination. God’s radiant grace fills the heART and mind with these gifts of vision. The artist honors the vision gifts by weaving them into works of art and sharing them with the community. The community uses them as wings to soar to the same shining vistas and beyond.”  ~ Master Alex Grey

Visionary and sacred art captures the essence of the triumphant beauty we can experience in our lives every day, if we free our spirits from self imposed or socially accepted limitations. Each reflection unveils a series of revelations and dreams brought to light by the artist on their journey back home to source.  There are many languages and interpretations of the Divine, and each facet within that diamond of the eternal truth is extraordinary in its own precious quality.   May we always feel the freedom to walk our own trail.  And may our art honor those who have courageously gone before for us while offering a guiding hand to those who travel behind.  These profound visions of our connection with humanity, Mother Earth, and the numinous realms of the Spirit carry a light of inspiration and awakening, which leads others onward in their own path of transcendent understanding.  May we all find our creative spark and courageously share our art, our story, and our dreams with those we love.

~Written By Ehren Cruz

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