Shamanic Digital Violin

Shamanic Digital Violin

The world’s premier digital violinist’s Dixon, follows a unique life mission and calling: To inspire his listeners to step into their hearts and explore the magnificent inner landscapes of the human experience through sacred music.  Thus far, Dixon has been successful in this mission, receiving opportunities to travel throughout the U.S. and beyond captivating the spirits of audiences in prestigious festivals, venues, and arenas including Burning Man, Electric Forest, Rootwire, and as featured guest in two TED talks/performances.  Yet his journey has only just begun…

Recently, Dixon chose to leave behind a distinguished career as a business man in order to follow his dreams of becoming a musician full-time.  A choice not easily made when considering the very real challenges of financial uncertainty and community support that walk hand in hand with the artist’s lifestyle.  Yet his daring risk paid off, and Dixon is now blessed with an opportunity to share the music he loves in a lifestyle that supports continual creative expression and growth.

His art reveals the power that awakens when one fully pursues their soul purpose, as his music immerses one’s spirit through a full-on audio journey experience.  Classically trained since the age of 10, Dixon grew to become a symphony violinist by early adulthood.  Later, through a series of revelational experiences, Dixon’s art evolved into a mystifying exploration of the senses, guiding listeners into uncharted territories of digital wizardry and musical shamanism.  Through alchemizing the potency of the violin’s soothing melodic sounds with conscious spoken word,  Dixon’s passionate energy enchants, transforms, and inspires all who experience his dynamic craft.

Recently Solpurpose had the honor of being invited into Dixon’s home for an opportunity to capture an intimate interview highlighting his greater path and process.  In a comfortable setting around his family’s hearth-fire, we immersed into vibrant conversation.  Much to our delight, the discussion rapidly deepened and we were able to delve deep into several critical topics such as the importance of following one’s dreams, the significance of visionary art and culture, and the need to balance our passions with a healthy holistic lifestyle.

We invite you now to sit back, relax, and immerse into the world of Dixon’s violin; a realm of magic, healing, and awakening through the power of sacred sound…

:: Topics in Video One ::

  • Who are you and what is your mission in what you do?
  • What was the cracking moment that changed your way of experience life?
  • How best to overcome the pressures of conventional society while trying to come into yourself as an artist?

:: Topics in Video Two ::

  • How can someone try to discover their artistic passions, while still trying to maintain a sense of balance?
  • Do you have any daily rituals or regiments to help you get into your creative space?
  • Importance of setting up a container for an emotional experience.

:: Topics in Video Three ::

  • What are your thoughts on the visionary art movement and it’s effects? How are you a part of it?
  • Transformational Festivals
  • Where do you hope this movement takes us as a collective, beyond the individual impacts?
  • What are your thoughts about the Rootwire experience?

:: Topics in Video Four ::

  • What are you striving for in the development of your abilities?
  • Where would you like your art to go and what changes do you foresee taking place in your core?
  • The power of the voice as an instrument. 
  • Where does your inspiration come from?
  • Any final thoughts to share with anyone watching this, both artist and non-artist?

Upcoming events/performances:

Dec 14th, Buffalo NY: Spiral Dance w/ the Dragon Ritual Drummers

Dec 19th, East Lansing, MI: Live Yoga + Dixon’s Violin @ Kintla Yoga Studio

Dec 20-21st, Columbus, OH: Earth Night w/ Papadosio + Emancipator + EarthCry (Special Workshop Meditation Performance!)

Dec 22nd, Los Angeles, CA: Extreme Futurist Festival

Jan 19th, Dearborn, MI: Immortal ConFusion

Feb 15th, Kalamazoo, MI: Kalamazoo Valley Museum

::A Word From Dixon on his New Album ::

“I am thrilled to be working on a new album “Jade Dragon”, due this December!  My last release was two years ago – just as I quit a lifetime career to pursue this dream of sharing inspiration full-time.  It’s been a wonderful couple of years on my true path, and the music keeps flowing!  I’m excited to be releasing this new series of live recordings that capture the energy that is my passion.” ~ Dixon’s Violin

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Videos by Chris Essey | Curation by Ehren Tatyakura | Edited by Josh Davis