Sonic Bloom :: Unifying the Field

Sonic Bloom :: Unifying the Field


SONIC BLOOM is a 4-day camping festival that will bring electronic music, dance, art and human performance together in an atmosphere that inspires open channels of creativity for everyone involved, especially the audience…
We have the ability to create a resonant field in which to unify all forms of human creative expression.


SolPurpose had the chance to dive in with Jamie Janover, curator of Sonic Bloom and emissary for Unified Field Theory, about the festival; it’s roots, aspirations, impact and resonant vibrations.  Take a look and see what makes Colorado’s Sonic Bloom Festival so special.

What where some of the motivating intentions when Sonic Bloom was formed in 2005?

Being an artist in an electronic jam outfit based out of Colorado and seeing all the amazing events happening while touring world-wide, it was knowing that there was this vibrant festival culture and we felt that there was a vacuum(space) for this kind of festival in Colorado. I knew that Colorado has an amazing electronic music community but didn’t have the camping festival to accompany it. There were shows at Red Rocks but they were nothing equivalent to what was happening on the outdoor festivals on west coast of Canada and the US. We are just hoping to hold a candle to some of the epic festivals in our global festival community such as Boom Festival in Portugal, Rainbow Serpent & Earth Frequency in Australia, Luminate in New Zealand, Bali Spirit Festival in Indonesia, Shambhala in Canada and Lightning in a Bottle and Symbiosis, among many others in the US.”


How do you see humanity following the path led by the festival culture?

Ecstatic Shakti Alignment by Geo

It’s a pretty crucial time to exchange information because we know that we have an opportunity with 2012 that nobody really knows what’s going to happen and its ballooned into a giant world wide phenomenon of everybody wondering what’s going to happen, including a lot of people pushing the doom and gloom end time catastrophe. What it really means is that it’s a focal point of energy that everyone can focus on and discuss. We have this opportunity to decide what are we going to do and what is going to happen. There are mass amounts of information entering the noosphere or the collective consciousness grid of the planet. With the new information and understandings of how the universe works including the world of physics and science, which is something that I talk about in my Unified Field Theory presentations, it’s a good time to get together and discuss what we are going to do as humans on this planet at this time. The festival culture is a super vibrant and ripe atmosphere to exchange every type of information from workshops all the way down to raging dubstep. That is information too, its just audio information. As you know, people’s whole vibration gets changed by the music. On all levels I think the festival adds momentum towards change.”

How do you see Sonic Bloom in particular acting as a catalyst for change?

It gives a lot of opportunity to different people that don’t always get to do their thing in this kind of a public large-scale context, especially the people that are doing visual art and workshops, and creating art installations and sculptures. There are not a lot of venues or opportunities to do large-scale art here. Colorado has an opportunity to showcase many different artists and different kinds of art because of the event, its not just a club show and not just about the music. It’s about every type of form of human expression.”

Could you speak a bit about the musical focus that Sonic Bloom will be offering this year?

"Basshead" by TotemicalWe have always been heart centered and featured heart centered music at Sonic Bloom. This style of music is becoming more popular, there are many more artist and they are becoming easier to find. I was just hanging out with Random Rab at Lightning in a Bottle and we were talking about how awesome it is that the scene has changed over the years.  People like Emancipator, in the past would have had a hard time getting really big. Now Doug has a huge following and there are a lot of people that really love his music, and he is not beating you over the head with huge dubstep bass drops like a number of the other larger, more popular acts are these days. It is pretty beautiful to see that evolution happening.”

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Yes it is… It seems like Sonic Bloom will also be offering more workshops and performance art as well this year.

Sonic Bloom Goddess by Ryan Johnson

Sonic Bloom, for a number of years, was held in an 1,000 person venue and now we in a much bigger venue, more than twice the capacity. We are expanding things as the festival grows and realistically we are pushing it. For a festival of our size, we have a workshop, speaker, performer, and music lineup that is in line with a much bigger event. I would say that one of the strengths of Sonic Bloom is that it’s a really super intimate boutique festival experience. Its more like a really big private party with a lineup of a major festival. You don’t have to go to something as gigantic as Lightning in a Bottle with 15,00 people to get the same quality of entertainment and education and beauty… Shadow’s Ranch is normally a place that you would go to get married; it is a very nice site with flowers and nice grass.  It’s manicured. This is super styling beautiful nature, we are really lucky to have this opportunity It’s pretty ideal to be that close to Denver and have flat shaded camping for everybody and close parking and no sound curfew. This year we have 3 areas that are going until dawn. We have the Dome, The Buddha Lounge which is a chill stage, and the Silent Disco, which has wireless headphones that allow people to choose between 2 DJs playing live on 2 different channels on your headphones.”

Sounds wonderful. We all appreciate Sonic Bloom offering such intimate space, while still bringing the vibration of larger, more dialed-in festival experience.

Thanks, yeah. It’s going to be super epic this year. We did it there last year and by all accounts the feedback that we got was that it was awesome, we had hardly a single complaint about anything. As we were doing everything last year we were looking around at how everything was set up, the timing, the fung shui, the art and made a lot of notes. Over this past year we have been honing all of the systems, the staff, the crew, the layout, listened to a lot of peoples feedback about the artist line up and what they wanted to see different. It’s definitely more heart centered music and less brostep. Denver is the capital of dubstep in the United States. We love dubstep, we are fully aware of that. We want the dubstep community and artists to be fully represented and they are. But its not quite as dubstep centered this time. The headliners are more like the Tipper, Bonobo, Ott, Emancipator, Rab set. We do have the PantyRaids and Minnesota and people that are going to totally tear it up as well. We want to keep it balanced and have an amazing vibe in there.”

"Meditation" by Mugwort Artemisia

Its great to have balance. Its obvious in your years of travel and co-creating a hub for consciousness in Colorado and your work with the Unified Field, that you have a multitude of experience to bring to the table. How do all of these things affect the way that you live your life and the way that you create this festival?

 The biggest lesson from Unified Field Theory that applies is that the Universe is one giant thing that is all completely interconnected and there is no such thing as separation between any two things in the Universe because everything is connected by space. When you understand the structure and dynamics of space, then you can act and be in a way that is in congruence and harmony with the Universe. Part of that is the way that you interact with people, the way you treat people, the way you behave on a daily basis, the decisions you make and all of those things come into play when you are putting together a any sort of gathering of people. There are a ton of decisions that have to be made and if your decisions are being informed by your underlying understanding of how the universe works, then it comes as a natural part of the process that things are more coherent, in alignment and resonant; especially when you are attracting people that understand these very same things. Its going exponential. Sonic Bloom is by no means alone in understanding this process and how this works as we are seeing this develop all over the world at the same time right now.  

It was exciting for me to finally go to Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia and see that its just like the Australian version of what we are doing here in American, or the other way around. The same thing happens with Bali Spirit doing a similar type of thing that is bringing people from all over the world, Boom Festival in Europe and I know that Russians are doing the same thing. Fuji Rock Festival does stuff like this, Brazilians have Universal Parallelo and a New Years Festival with workshops and the whole things. I am just proud to be one of the dots that are all being interconnected world wide in terms of conscious festival community. It’s the Colorado version of something that is happening all over the planet.”

What do you see as the next steps that we can take in order to bring many of the ideas that we learn, the cooperation that happens in festivals into our everyday lives to bring about a more collaborative and cooperative spirit in humanity?

That’s up to each individual human. We can help facilitate that by doing exactly what SolPurpose is doing right now. Gathering important information and putting into a light that is easily palatable, then putting it out to the universe through the internet and media. People like myself that are in a position to help organize these events, letting people know to do what you are just talking about.

‘OK great, thanks everybody for being here and listening to these incredible workshops and observing all of these artists and participating in this cocreative process that we did here at Sonic Bloom, that’s awesome AND don’t forget to take this wherever you happened to have come from.’

When someone asks you what you were doing last weekend, explain what was going on, what it was like, what people are thinking about, and the new information that you learned cause that’s how you get it to go exponential is to get it to spread virally around the planet. We are all responsible for the process of doing what you just described.”

This year Sonic Bloom is stocked with heart centered tasty jams bringing in Kaminanda, Adham Shaikh, Govinda, Stephan Jacobs, The Human Experience, Thriftworks, and funky fun acts like Russ Liquid, The Fungineers, and Lafa Taylor.. The epic jamtronica collaborations of the SB Orchestra and groups like Karsh Kale & Janover, Zilla, Michael Travis and Jason Hann, Papadosio, Octopus Nebula, and The Human Agency will keep the layered live improvisation active in everyone’s soul and Random Rab, Emancipator, Of Porcelain, and Akara will touch them.

Live Video Production by top shelf artists such as Android Jones, Aeon Child, Iayon Noemind, Videolicious, Jigglesworth and JacobEye, with live Painting by artists such as KrystlEyez, Patricia Melero, Dylan Launchpad Brooks, Michael Garfield, and more totaling over 20 live artists! You can tell by the lineup that Sonic Bloom really is a top level festival in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and they have 50 people doing performance art!

Workshops include Jamie Janover, Android Jones, Kimba Arem, Adam Apollo, Harlan Emil, Verdarluz, Dylan Elmgreen, Jonathan Zap, Alaya Love, KA’ryna SH’ha, Manda Pendleton, Shaella Noela Rosalena, and Daphne Mosko.

Movement & Yoga Workshops by Deb Rubin, Nick Guzzardo, Madeline Grace Fauss, Onamare Heart, Shifra Blumenthal, and Bryan Rodriguez.

If you are interested in more information or attending Sonic Bloom please visit their website

 Interview by Dylan Emlgreen | Curated by Josh Davis