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Shamanic Violin :: A Journey with Dixon

The Musical Medicine of Dixon's Violin

The world’s premier digital violinist’s Dixon, follows a unique life mission and calling: To inspire his listeners to step into their hearts and explore the magnificent inner landscapes of the human spirit. Thus far, Dixon has been successful in this mission, receiving opportunities to travel throughout the U.S. and beyond ... Read More »

Featured Visionary Artist: Adam Scott Miller

"Celestial Shore" By Adam Scott Miller

isionary and sacred art: dynamic founts of creative expression which trace their origins back to the very nexus of the human Akashic story. The visionary artist’s canvas courageously navigates through the long forgotten waters of the utopian dream, the sacred inner workings of a multidimensional universe.   The artist stretches ... Read More »

“Forgiveness” By Karl Baba

"Surya Namaskar" By Eric Nez

Header Art: “Surya Namaskar” By Eric Nez  [dropcap4]M[/dropcap]any of us feel that when we forgive somebody, we’re doing them a favor. Perhaps they’ve changed, or apologized, or maybe we feel that we made them suffer enough. The reality is, that the main beneficiary of forgiveness is the forgiver. Our inner ... Read More »