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The Inner Eye 3: Akira Beard

Akira Beard - Lao Tzu

I have always been gripped by the intention and truth present in the works of Akira Beard. His paintings are like tomes for the great spiritual teachers of the past, and also cleverly link contemporary culture with beautiful skills in portraiture. His work is relevant, moving, and powerful – truly spiritual, ... Read More »

VIDEO: Alex and Allyson Grey Interview Part 4 – Visionary Practice

Alex and Allyson Grey at COSM interview pt. 4

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Decomposing The Shadow: James Jesso on Psilocybin Psychotherapy

Book Cover: "Decomposing The Shadow" by James Jesso

James Jesso is the author of Decomposing the Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom – both a sweeping overview and a profound personal journey.  We sat down together for an online conversation about the “dirt work” of psychedelic psychotherapy and how his own experience of transformation has informed his mission to help others ... Read More »

VIDEO: Alex and Allyson Grey Interview Part 3 – Entheon

Alex and Allyson Grey

It is our honor to present part 3 of our 4 part interview with two great leaders in the Visionary Arts movement, Alex and Allyson Grey. In part 3 the Greys explore the role of the artist as documentarians and emissaries of infinite inner space, and explain their vision for ... Read More »

VIDEO: Alex and Allyson Grey Interview Part 2 – Gender Alchemy

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.49.51 PM

We are pleased to present part 2 of our 4 part interview with the luminaries Alex and Allyson Grey in their private studio in the Hudson Valley. In part 2, we explore the potential for building and spreading positive relationships between the Masculine and Feminine through art and a new ... Read More »

VIDEO: Alex & Allyson Grey Exclusive Interview pt. 1

Alex and Allyson Grey

“During the 2013 summer solstice, SolPurpose in collaboration with Thinking Eye Productions ventured out to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors to host an intimate interview with Alex and Allyson Grey. We were greeted by the immersive songs of thousands of cicadas as the Grey’s warmly welcomed us inside their personal ... Read More »

Beyond the Image: The Visionary Art Movement

"House of Many Mansion" by Kuba Ambrose

For as long as we have been human, human beings have had visionary experiences, and created art in response to those experiences. Many of these experiences were facilitated through the ingestion of entheogenic plants, agreed upon across every ancient culture to be one of the most expedient routes to a ... Read More »

Featured Artist :: Randal Roberts

Randal Roberts Exploring the Ineffable Banner

::An interview of Visionary Artist Randal Roberts by Cosm Media & Event Coordinator Jon Ohia:: ::Foreword By Ehren Cruz Upon seeing the work of Randal Roberts, I was immediately transfixed on the intricacies of patterning, beautiful use of color, light, and shading, and his amazing capacity to interweave layer upon ... Read More »

Beauty is Healing: The Artistry of Ka Amorastreya

:: Beauty is Healing ::

“I hope that my art can inspire everyone to feel empowered to create the beauty they wish to see in the world. My life was confusing and felt quite harsh and ugly, until I began making it beautiful myself through artistic expression. Every person can do this… Trust yourself and allow ... Read More »

Featured Artist :: GeoGlyphiks

Geo SP Banner

Geo Glyphiks (aka George Atherton) rides the vanguard of digital visionary artwork, shaping new pathways for the blossoming elective consciousness.  In continuing to channel crystallized visions of ascended awareness, Geo pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, encoding his work with deep yogic activation and political empowerment.  His work serves as ... Read More »