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Who I AM By Renee Cruz

"Maria Davina" By Carry Thompson

* Heading art:  “Maria Davina” By Carey Thompson Who I AM is the innocent, the You that you forgot, the moment you were born. What I AM is your Self, the Spirit of your Spirituality, the You, you are searching for. There is no pathway in this life. There are ... Read More »

The Great Knowing By Ehren Cruz

"Manifestations" By Wizart Visions

Header Art: “Manifestations” By Wizart Visions umanity on the brink of collapse.  Great Mother earth writhes in pain as vampiric jaws clench deep upon black earth.  A collective led by false justice, blinded by spending to many years wondering shadows.  Afraid to face the sun without shades pulled low.  A synthetic ... Read More »

Universoul Purpose By Ehren Cruz

Art is Nature

This is a prayer of intention and soul purpose that has awakened in my heart this beautiful morning. I humbly extend these words to brothers and sisters who walk upon the many sacred paths of our world. Those who inspire and guide others home to the truth of our transcendent ... Read More »