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Advertisement Is Psychedelic Art Is Advertisement

Psychedelic Virgin Mobile Ad

“By creating a new interface between the self, the other, and the world beyond, media technologies become part of the self, the other, and the world beyond.  They form the building blocks, and even in some sense the foundation, for what we now increasingly think of as ‘the social construction ... Read More »

“Ode to a Paradigm Shift” Pt. 4 By Michael Garfield

"Many Worlds" By Michael Garfield

 .:Copernicus and the Sacred Humility of Science:. ’d like to suggest, for sanity’s sake, that we all adopt the Copernican Principle:  whenever we think we’re the most of anything, we’re wrong.  Consider it a Law of the Universe. Once upon a time, hopelessly deluded humans believed that our planet was ... Read More »

Featured Visionary Artist: Adam Scott Miller

"Celestial Shore" By Adam Scott Miller

isionary and sacred art: dynamic founts of creative expression which trace their origins back to the very nexus of the human Akashic story. The visionary artist’s canvas courageously navigates through the long forgotten waters of the utopian dream, the sacred inner workings of a multidimensional universe.   The artist stretches ... Read More »

Interview: MG On Unifying Science & Art

"Unify" By Geo Glyphiks

Header Art: “Unify” By GeoGlyphiks I was recently interviewed by my friend Shannon Clay for one of her research projects as an Environmental Studies Masters Student at The Evergreen State College. Her project looked at the importance of art in sharing scientific knowledge with the general public…but our conversation took ... Read More »

Visionary Culture Feature :: Dreamcatcher

"Bloom" Dreamcatcher

“Discover a deeper part of yourself, explore your subconscious mind, and share your creative journal with the world. A global social experiment to map the collective un-conscious, Dreamcatcher is your space to chart the mysteries of the mind, explore global dream trends, and inspire greater synchronicity in your life. Start ... Read More »