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Beyond the Image: The Visionary Art Movement

"House of Many Mansion" by Kuba Ambrose

For as long as we have been human, human beings have had visionary experiences, and created art in response to those experiences. Many of these experiences were facilitated through the ingestion of entheogenic plants, agreed upon across every ancient culture to be one of the most expedient routes to a ... Read More »

Review: Rootwire 2013′s Art Explosion!

Rootwire Live Painting - by

“Our original plan with this whole thing was that we would just throw a party where we would play on stage and there would be people out in the field painting, so we could all create together,” Anthony Thogmartin said during one of Papadosio’s sets this year at Rootwire Festival.  ... Read More »

Pushing Strings :: William Close & the Earth Harp

Earth Harp BAnner

“The Earth Harp’s sound rings softly on the wings of the horizon, as dust swirls and spirals in harmonic repose upon the oceanic Playa.  People young and old sit together in reverence and wonder as William Close, the creator of the Earth Harp, soars upon strings connected to the hearth ... Read More »

:: Embracing the Journey Workshop II ::

"AnaPurna Devi" By Geo Glyphiks

~ A Workshop Series  and Community Group celebrating Self-Discovery, Transformation, and Spiritual Growth ~ :: In the Spirit of serving the further cultivation of a conscious spiritual community in the Heart of Ohio :: It Looks Like It’s Open 13 East Tulane Rd Columbus, OH 43202 Saturday February 23rd, 2013 ... Read More »

:: Embracing the Journey Workshop Series ::

"From Nothing We Became Something" By Cameron Grey

A Workshop Series celebrating Self-Discovery, Transformation, and Spiritual Growth :: In the Spirit of serving the further cultivation of a conscious spiritual community in the Heart of Ohio :: ~ Facilitated by Ehren Cruz of Solpurpose & Supported by Rae Rae Love Day of Kickin’ It ~ Many of us ... Read More »

Critical Beats & Amazon Voice :: Dropping in with Bluetech

shuar elder

Critical Beats and Amazon Voice are co-operative organizations that focus on Art in Service by bringing awareness to environmental and cultural issues in the Amazon.  They team up with indigenous tribes of South America to allow them to have a voice in the larger world.  Currently, both non-profits are focusing ... Read More »

Featured Artist :: GeoGlyphiks

Geo SP Banner

Geo Glyphiks (aka George Atherton) rides the vanguard of digital visionary artwork, shaping new pathways for the blossoming elective consciousness.  In continuing to channel crystallized visions of ascended awareness, Geo pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, encoding his work with deep yogic activation and political empowerment.  His work serves as ... Read More »

“Shamanic Pep Talk” By Jamaica Stevens

Symbiosis By Autumn Skye

Header Art: “Symbiosis” By Autumn Skye .:A Roadmap to Sacred Presence:. You are doing SO great! The whole Universe is celebrating your increased flexibility, your authentic expression, your mastery and capacity, your passionate focus, and your tender human heart expanding infinitely into more Love than we ever imagined possible. You are ... Read More »

Gateways of Illumination Visionary Art Video

new dawn approaches – A new sacred beginning. As we dance together in the heart of the human experience – awakening to the beauty and power of creativity and transformational culture – We have come to recognize our symbiotic relationship with the future of humanity as a whole – And have heard the ... Read More »

Integrative Permaculture Course: An Introductory Course

.:Integrative Permaculture:.

Join Lunaya Shekinah and Shane Wilson for an inspired journey of evolving our relationship with the Earth community and empowering ourselves to live sustainably. This full-day Introduction offers a full spectrum of foundational curriculum, hands-on design & application, and valuable world context. We will discuss curriculum, play games, and put ... Read More »