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The Elder Teachings

The Elder Teachings


.:Elder Teachers of a New Vibrant Earth:.


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This section is dedicated to the great teachers of humanity.  Those who hold the torch of selfless wisdom and guide others through the trials of self awareness into their souls.   They walk upon all paths and embody all expressions of being.  They guide with humility, innocence, and a compassion to serve something larger and more beautiful than words can describe. As we seek out ways to live in greater harmony, the pathways of our ancestors serve as becons illuminating our shared potential for greatness.

Everything is evolving at a profound pace.  With each breath our inner universe revitalized with an opportunity to grow.  As the fire burns away the old to clear the way for new, the rain washes down upon the fertile land, the wind carries the seed into the earthen womb, and Gaia blossoms and buds with the bounties of fresh life; so each of us march ever onward in the cycles of becoming.


"Alan Watts" By Randal Roberts This section is dedicated to the hero’s.   The embodiment of  the wisdom, truth, and human spirit.  This story is shared in many great forms.  Through the lips of philosophers, artists, spiritualists , authors, poets, architects, historians, scientists, visionaries, and bards.   There is something new to learn, or perhaps remember at every turn.

May our curiosity and wonder never extinguish. May the wisdom of humanity be reborn in our hearts each day.  May the lessons of our Grandfathers and Grandmothers never be forgotten.  And may we offer that which has brought peace and understanding into our lives as a choice for those we love.

And now we present to you the teachers of the humankind…

.:The Teachers of Human Kind:.

*Note:  Be sure to check back often.  This space will serve as a continually evolving library.  If you have suggestions of any teachers that have been made a positive impact along your journey please contact us via the contact form or email us at  In particular, we are in search of quality videos of our beloved divine feminine teachers.   Please send us a message if any of the links are down or broken – we appreciate the help!


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